How to Choose the Best Craft Beer in Australia

How to Choose the Best Craft Beer in Australia

Australia has a reputation for being one of the most alcohol loving countries in the world. 76.5% of people with the age of 15 and above have consumed alcohol in the last 12 months, with 39% being beer alone. Over a million tons of brew malt is used by the brewing industry each year. Alcohol is a significant part of the economy, contributing to tens of thousands of jobs and close to AUD 16 Billion during 2018-19.

There are many brews of beer to cater to such high demand and varied tastes. Craft beer is loved by many for its authentic taste and freshness. And online sellers like BottleO’Briens are at the forefront of delivering quality craft beer to doorsteps whenever beckoned.

Crafting the Beer Buy to Perfection

Craft beer is made by many companies and is of many varieties. Online suppliers carry most, if not all, and deliver them at your convenience. Following some guidelines will help you get the best craft beer for your tastes with such variety to choose from.

Alcohol Content

The alcohol content of craft beers varies by the manufacturer and variety. Generally, the beers are classified as non-alcoholic for 0% alcohol content, mild, noticeable, and harsh/strong. The percentage of alcohol content in the latter ones varies between 3.2% and 14%. 

Check the label or description of the drink to know the alcohol content. The greater the percentage, the bitter it gets. Please select the amount you want based on your personal preferences or on the recommendations of someone who has tried it.


Beers needn’t just be bitter-sweet alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drinks served in their raw form. Crafters mix a variety of flavours to match the different tastes of their different customers. 

Typical flavours include chocolate, vanilla, herbal, citrus fruit, tropical fruit, onion-garlic, woody, spices, spruce, caramel, bread flour, biscuit, roast, acrid, coffee, etc. 

They also add their unique aroma to the drink. Combinations of these flavours can also be had depending on the manufacturer.


The two primary ingredients used for beer-making are Malt and Hop. These are the base ingredients that are fermented to give the beer. Other ingredients include sources of fermentable sugars called adjuncts such as candy sugar, molasses, honey, maple syrup, common refined sugar, treacle, rice, wheat, corn, oats, and rye.

The fermentation depends on the type of ingredients used and so will the final product. Then others like flavours are added as well. Tasting before going with one is recommended. 

Brewing Process

There are numerous techniques to brew beer, and some crafters might have their proprietary ones. Everything from the source of ingredients to their type, fermenting agent, flavouring, to the time of aging, type of container used to age, etc. will affect the beer and its taste.

The factors that are usually varied include the mashing of ingredients, steeping, fermentation temperature, and addition of yeast, blending and aging in barrels, dry hopping, and bottle conditioning.  

Crafter’s Record

The beer maker’s history and reputation will tell a lot about the beer’s quality in their bottle. Research and read reviews to know about their history, process, other drinker’s comments, etc. to understand what you’re getting.

Online beer sellers like BottleO’Briens deliver the best craft beer in Australia right to your doorstep for the joy of freshness and convenience.

Christie Lewis
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