How You Can Celebrate A Family Members’ Seventieth Birthday

How You Can Celebrate A Family Members’ Seventieth Birthday

One big milestone that should be celebrated in your family is the seventieth party. In fact, every decade should be celebrated as a milestone. If the birthday planning has been left to you, then there are a few different things you should think about. Read on to learn more.

Cook Their Favorite Meals

Every birthday party should have good food involved. When it comes to celebrating an older member of your family, you should try to get their favorite food so that they feel thought of and appreciated. You could cook this food yourself, or you could hire the services of their favorite restaurant, café, or general caterer.

Even incorporating a small element of their favorite foods into a birthday party will show just how much you understand what they like. Of course, you should also make an effort to avoid foods that they don’t like, especially ones that they are allergic to. The last thing you want to do is accidentally supply harmful food to the party.

Celebrate Their Life

One of the focus points for a seventieth birthday party should be to celebrate their long and happy life. You can find old photos of them through family albums or from other sources that you may not have considered. You could then hang these photos around the birthday venue and display them for the delight of everyone.

Contact the important people in their life in order to find everything they have accomplished and what you could celebrate. You may discover something that you never knew that could become a focal point for celebration.

Plan A Party

Depending on the sort of person your elderly family member is, they may just like a party of some kind to celebrate their milestone of a birthday. There will be a few different ways in which you can host a party, with a popular choice being to hire out an applicable venue that will have everything you need.

This could be a calm event with a few close family members or a bigger event requiring more careful planning. No matter what sort of party you are planning, you will need to think about the invites. Invitations may be digital-based, or they could be physical. Consider how the people in your life usually deal with invitations to give you an idea of which direction you should focus on.

There will be some unique ways you can approach these invites, with resources available online to help make it easier for you to choose. Greenvelope’s selection of seventieth birthday invitations, for example, could help you find inspiration and give you exactly what you want. Whether you want it to be a traditional card invite or something more royale, there will be options available here.

Once this is out of the way, you will then be able to focus on the actual party itself. This means arranging a venue and sorting the food and drinks. Essentially, this is where the fun can begin, and you can arrange all the relevant party details.

Play Relevant Games

No party would be complete without party games. It may seem that your elderly family members won’t be interested in party games, but you would be wrong. Most of the time, elderly family members would do anything to feel like a kid again, so try to include something that makes them feel young again.

Of course, you should consider everyone who is coming to the party, including senior members of the family. There will be party games suitable for all ages of the family, so that everyone can feel involved. You should try to arrange games that everyone has experience of, as explaining complicated rules to multiple people can take a lot of time and effort, running the fun for everyone.

If people aren’t aware of any games, then you should play simple ones that can still get everyone involved. Alternatively, there will be easy party games you can purchase online or in local stores that will allow you to have fun without stressing over the details.

Contact Their Favorite Celebrities 

Thanks to modern solutions, you could add extra fun to a birthday party by sourcing a special message from the family member’s favorite celebrity. This became more popular when people couldn’t meet up in person due to national restrictions, as virtual cameo presents were all the rage. 

You can pay a small fee to a celebrity that your family member loves and have them read out a birthday message or just say whatever they want, it will be up to both of you to work that part out, but be aware they are likely to be against saying certain things.

This video message could be played during the height of the party as a surprise for everyone there. You could even get the celebrity to read out an inside joke about the family, which will surely be a delight for everyone.

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