6 Ways to Bounce Back After the Temporary Restrictive Conditions in Dubai

6 Ways to Bounce Back After the Temporary Restrictive Conditions in Dubai

Dubai is slowly easing back to normal, and there’s no denying that people are giddy with excitement at the prospect of finally getting to do a lot of the things they used to. Among such activities are traveling, meeting up with friends and loved ones, and dining out.

Of course, great care should still be taken, but if you already perform all the safety measures as a habit, the risks of COVID-19 are no longer as frightening. So, if you are ready to regain the fun, joy, and life dynamism the pandemic has temporarily taken from you, here are six easy yet safe ways to bounce back to normal.

1. Get together with friends

How to get back to normal life after COVID-19 Restrictions in Dubai

Even if mass gatherings are still considered a big no-no, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get together with the people who matter to you. As long as all of you are healthy and you have no issue upholding safety requirements, then a small group meetup shouldn’t be a problem.

Why not enjoy fine dining in Dubai to celebrate the end of the restrictive conditions in the city? You have two options for this: one, head to a group private dining restaurant that would reserve an exclusive space for your group. With this, you can avoid having a big crowd around you while having dinner and catching up.

The second option is to host a house dinner party or barbecue, if you’re not yet too keen on dining out. Now that summer is here, it’s nice to gather with friends at home for a gourmet meal, and if you have a spacious backyard, you can have a really cozy ambiance for your mini reunion.

As for getting a high-quality spread, this is easy with Wildlife by Doors. This online food delivery service will bring the creative menu of Doors Freestyle Grill to your home. With a little decorating, you and your guests can feel like you’re back at the fabulous waterfront restaurant.

2. Go on a road trip.

Traveling to other countries is possible, but it’s not a convenient option for now and the next few months ahead. However, you can still explore and discover new scenic spots by going on a road trip.

Take the time to plan the trip thoroughly. Find comfy accommodation where you can spend a night or two and enjoy must-see views and activities in other cities. Fuel up your vehicle and get ready to hit the road for a complete change of scene.

Leaving the place where you were cooped up for some time will refresh everyone and put you in the right headspace for the things you will go back to doing.

3. Get into shape.

Indeed, there’s no better way of moving into a new phase in your life than by being physically fit for it. Carve time out of your days to exercise — preferably outdoors. Develop your physical strength and boost your immune system. After all, the fittest individuals are known to bounce back from illnesses faster.

Why not run at the beach every morning or late in the afternoon? Or go kayaking during the weekends? Perhaps you can even join one of the physically demanding environmental preservation programs in the city, such as beach cleanups. 

How to get back to normal life after COVID-19 Restrictions in Dubai
Time to get back to shape to fit into that slender lingerie

Don’t forget about eating healthy. Treat yourself to nutritious and delicious meals prepared by talented chefs or yourself. You may have settled too much for instant and fast food during restrictive times. Outwork the impact of having done so by eating better-quality food from the best dining establishments and using the freshest produce in the city.

The bottom line here is to get fit and healthy because this can improve your quality of life in so many ways.

4. Support local businesses.

Make it a part of your “bouncing back” initiative to help local businesses that had to halt operations for a while and are reeling from the economic impact of the pandemic. Show them your support by purchasing from them and continue doing so beyond this transition phase.

How to get back to normal life after COVID-19 Restrictions in Dubai

Economic strategists recommend giving your local businesses a shout-out on social media, aside from patronizing their products and services. Doing this is free advertising or marketing for them, and it can help boost their sales.

More importantly, share your ideas with them. If you have suggestions on how operations can be improved, feel free to reach out to the business establishments. They are likely to be open to suggestions, so they can modify their practices and fit their customers’ requirements better. Doing this is a win for both parties; customers get the products and services they want, and businesses can net in more sales.

5. Continue learning.

If you used the period of mobility restriction for learning new things, continue to do so now that life in the city is easing back to normal. Like what a lot of lifestyle coaches say, interests provide a sense of continuity in a time of uncertainty, so cultivate them.

You can continue pursuing lessons that you began taking online when you had all the time to do so or enroll in learning institutions for courses that offer lessons to help manage life better. Whatever may be your interest, pursue it completely and let it serve as a motivation for you to keep on moving forward.

For example, this summer, there are classes on artisanal bread-making at a premier culinary arts school. There are also short courses on specific office skills, which are more important than ever as it helps to have a diverse set of knowhow or skills. This way should your industry suffer because of an economic downturn, you have other valuable skills to fall back on that can be your new source of livelihood.

6. Show your community spirit.

Consider getting involved in your community programs more. This is a fantastic use of your time, especially if your neighborhood leaders have a lot of plans to improve the area and elevate community members’ quality of life.

How to get back to normal life after COVID-19 Restrictions in Dubai

This is a worthwhile effort when you’re all transitioning to normal as it offers you the chance to share your suggestions on how to protect your community against a variety of threats and learn from others. 

At the same time, you can take advantage of the opportunity to expand your network, which is beneficial if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, a student fresh out of university, or a jobseeker.

There are some adjustments needed during this period when people are reverting to their old routines, and there are constant reminders to be extra careful. But, hopefully, the practical ideas shared in this post will help make the transition more manageable for you.

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