How to Avoid Permanent Damage to Your Posture

How to Avoid Permanent Damage to Your Posture

When you think about some of the most serious ailments people face, things like heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses probably come to mind. Poor posture isn’t usually something people worry about. In fact, a recent survey found that less than one-half of Americans are concerned about poor posture

The reality is, poor posture can do more damage than most people think. It can lead to joint degeneration, back pain, and even dysfunction of the spine. It can also cause core weakness, and even create a “potbelly.” While these aren’t necessarily life-threatening conditions, they can be quite uncomfortable. 

Unfortunately, poor posture can be caused by certain lifestyle choices. Sitting at a desk all day, staring down at a computer, or even looking down at a phone can cause your shoulders to slouch and your back to curve improperly. The longer you spend sitting each day, the worse the health problems with your back can become

So, what can you do to avoid permanent damage to your posture? The good news is that it’s likely not too late to make positive changes and improve the health of your spine. Let’s take a look at how you can stand a little taller and feel less pain. 

Seek Support From a Chiropractor

Perhaps the most important thing you can do if you’re suffering from back pain due to poor posture is to see a chiropractor. There are plenty of stereotypes surrounding chiropractors and how they “crack” bones. But they’re medical professionals who can help with everything from joint pain to muscle aches — often caused by poor posture. 

Not only can a chiropractor make adjustments to your back, neck, and shoulders to help you find relief, but they can give you the tools and resources needed for consistent relief. 

Most chiropractors will share exercises with you that you can do at home to help with back, neck, and shoulder pain. They’ll also have extensive knowledge of the spine and how it works. So, they should be able to give you plenty of information about how to improve your posture on a daily basis. Sometimes, getting support is all you need to start showing improvement. A chiropractor can easily provide that support. 

Avoiding the Sit and Slouch

As stated above, people are spending more time sitting than ever. The average American sits for about 10 hours each day. If you’re looking down at a computer or slouching over, that can wreak havoc on your posture. 

Thankfully, there are several ways to combat the “slouch” that comes with sitting all day. First, you can create a more ergonomic workspace for yourself by doing things like switching to an office chair that provides lumbar support, or a desk with enough room for your knees to bend and your arms to rest. You can also choose to invest in a standing desk that allows you to both stand and sit throughout the day. That helps to promote a healthy spine and healthy veins. 

You can also combat the effects of sitting too long by giving yourself breaks. Take a 5-10 minute walk once an hour, or just stand up and do a few stretches. The smallest actions can make a big difference when it comes to how your spine is impacted.

A Wealth of Spinal Health

In addition to standing more, improving your posture is about knowing how to stand. That might seem like a silly statement at first. After all, you’ve probably been standing your entire life. But if you’re not standing the right way, you could be putting yourself at risk for back problems. 

So, to stand with correct posture, make sure of the following: 

  • Your weight is mostly on the balls of your feet.
  • Your arms are naturally hanging at their sides.
  • Your knees are slightly bent.
  • You’ve sucked in your stomach a bit.

If you practice those things on a regular basis, you’re likely to notice an improvement in your posture quite quickly. 

Having a stronger spine will also give you the opportunity to work out more, and engage in a life of fitness without pain. No pain means an improved fitness level!

Working out isn’t always easy, and sometimes injuries happen. Having a healthier spine will help to keep you safer if you plan on starting an exercise regimen. 

As you can see, it’s very easy to damage your posture — but it’s also relatively easy to get it back to “normal” and feel less pain. If you’re struggling with back pain or any of the other symptoms listed earlier, see your chiropractor soon for help. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start feeling better about your back. By combining tools from the chiropractor with what you’re already doing at home, you can avoid permanent damage to your posture and finally be able to move freely again. 

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