How to Arrange Your Dresser & Other Bedroom Furniture

How to Arrange Your Dresser & Other Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is the quietest space usually in your home, and it should be. Not only that, it’s important that you have everything arranged so you have the maximum amount of space and comfort in your bedroom so that when you go in, you can throw your keys down on the dresser (aka Kommode) and relax for the night. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on how to arrange your dresser and other bedroom furniture to maximize your comfort and help you rest better at night.

First, Pick a Bed Spot

Choosing where you want to place the bed is the most important part of helping to arrange your bedroom properly. If you’re wanting to relax more, put your food of the bed closer to the doorway than the head of the bed. You can slide it over in a corner (especially if you have a loved one) so you can make your room relaxing and romantic together.

Use a Nightstand

While you might be tempted to just put your glass of water or alarm clock on your dresser (you may need to of course if you’re a hard sleeper), simply adding a nightstand next to the head of your bed on either or both sides can greatly fill in space that would otherwise just be a wall.

Place Your Dressers Accordingly

If you have a tall dresser, you want to throw it in the corner of the room, so it maintains balance (which is the key thing that you need to do when it comes to arranging it). You want put shorter dressers on the wall beside the bed, or across the room in the window to add fullness, but still maximize space in the bedroom. By placing things in the right areas, you can utilize the ability of keeping things more functional as well as making the room be more comfortable for you even in the long run.

All About Themes

Adding or “editing your room” can have a great beneficial feel to it if you make your room themed a certain way. This can include color schemes, or even fun and festive scenes and themes that can help enhance the way your room feels, as well as insert some personality and feeling to how comfortable your room may end up being. Using themes with bright colors, or even subtle themes like oceans, stars, and more, may even further your ability to relax in your room better. You want your room to look warm and inviting, but at the same time, not too bright and refreshing (save these themes and colors for the bathroom and living room).


When you’re decorating your room, you want to be able to be comfortable more than anything, but you also want to be able to use your bedroom to capitalize on efficiency too. Think about it like this – your bedroom is the main aspect that can even enhanced mood after a long hard day. The more relaxing a bedroom feels, the more often you will be able to rest at the end of your busy day and at the same time, just enjoy being in your own sanctuary at any time, yet still be able to access all of your necessities easily.

Rohit Raina
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