How Retail Stores can benefit from Solar Power?

How Retail Stores can benefit from Solar Power?

Electric power is the highest expenditures for many businesses and grocery stores. The new reforms to electrical power are causing very significant changes in grocery store businesses.

These businesses and grocery stores are affected the most by the already expensive and disproportionate energy costs, coupled with the high consumption required by the refrigeration costs for the products they sell.

Solar Panels for all types of Businesses

The Solar Panels are cheaper, and further their quick and easy installation leads to such projects attracting  finance easily as compared to other renewable energies.

Solar energy can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, your payments for electricity consumption. Investing in solar panels allows your business to minimize the cost of electricity in the long and short run. The Solar company Tucson provides all types of solar panel solutions.

The initial cost for solar panel systems may seem high, but if you take into account that your annual electricity payment when your electricity bill arrives bi-monthly for you will notice the difference.

In the specific case of a grocery store, in some states, their Secretariats of Economy are supporting entrepreneurs with financing for the acquisition of Solar Panels.

When you are renting the premises, consider the following:

1. You need to have a lease agreement with the person who rents you the premises, where in turn, he verifies his property with the updated Certificate of the property.

2. Submit capacity of the solar panel along with your name; this is necessary to make all the corresponding procedures for the Interconnection Contract, which will allow you to obtain the bidirectional meter needed to install your Solar Panels. Solar company Tucson is an authorized dealer of the solar panel.

3. You will directly receive the tax benefits, which in the case of renewable energy allows you to deduct it totally in a single operation, helping you to reduce the amortization time of your investment.

4. You can move your Photovoltaic System to a new location and even to your home to continue enjoying the savings

What are the requirements for a company that wants to implement solar panels?

  • Cleared spaces on ceilings or even on the ground where solar panels can be installed and other areas for maintenance corridors, wiring routes, etc.
  • On the roofs, it is important they are in good condition, with free space, that they are not shaded and that they do not have equipment installed on their surfaces.
  • The structure must meet the current earthquake resistance standard, and these must withstand an additional dead load between 18 and 20 kilograms per square meter to implement the technology
  • A technical evaluation is essential to verify if the roof is suitable.
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