How Guys Should Dress for Spring Weddings

How Guys Should Dress for Spring Weddings

Believe it or not, guys stress out over what to wear to weddings, too. If you received an invite for an upcoming occasion, there’s no doubt you want to look your best. 

Part of what to wear hinges on the RSVP in your hand. Your host should specify whether they are planning a formal affair or a nontraditional backyard hoedown. If they don’t, make a phone call to find out, then follow these tips. 

Think About Lighter Colors 

Spring has sprung — which means it’s time to stow away the somber-toned duds until next winter. This advice isn’t to say you can’t wear a neatly pressed pair of dark trousers, but donning yourself head-to-toe in black risks making your host wonder if they invited “Edward Scissorhands” to attend. 

Make a lighter-colored top or jacket the focal point of your ensemble. Men can look sleek and stylish in pastels just like the opposite sex, so consider a darker pink single lapel jacket. 

Use Dark Duds for Accents 

While you want to keep light and airy in mind for spring, that doesn’t mean you should abandon dark tones altogether, especially if you’re attending a formal soiree. You can pair dark navy slacks with a light blue jacket to go from a daytime outdoor ceremony to an indoor evening reception with ease. 

Of course, if you’re attending a fully formal white-tie wedding, you’ll probably opt for a traditional tuxedo. If that’s the case, thank your host — you can rent one for a fraction of the price women typically pay for gowns. 

Shoes Make a Big Difference 

Have you ever heard the saying, “The shoes make the man?” While that may be an oversimplification, your footwear does get noticed — considerably. The same tan oxfords you rock to the office day in and day out might not cut it. However, if you’re attending a less formal affair, you can polish up some loafers and look stylishly casual. All you’ll need is a clean cloth, a wet brush, a horsehair brush, water and polish.

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If you’re attending a shoes-optional beachfront wedding, go ahead and treat yourself to a pedicure. This relaxing treat isn’t only for the ladies. Plus, you don’t want your eagle-like toe talons to become the object of muttered conversations around the punchbowl. 

Remember Not to Stand Out

Remember, this special day is all about the bride and groom — you don’t want to steal their thunder. Even if your friends know and love you for your eccentricity, try to avoid wearing anything that detracts from the stars of the show.

Regardless of if you’re attending a super-casual backyard barbecue wedding, leave your favorite graphic t-shirt and ripped cutoffs at home. A tidy polo with some neatly pressed khaki shorts is every bit as cool and comfortable — but it won’t make you stand out. 

Accessories Work for Men Too

Finally, you want to consider the accessories you’ll wear on the big day. You don’t want to drown yourself in bling like you’re impersonating Lil Jon on club night, but an accent piece or two makes you appear pulled together.

A stylish watch and a pair of cufflinks elevate a button-down from workday casual to more out-on-the-town. If you’re attending a formal affair, a pocket square and suspenders can complete your ensemble. Don’t forget about your socks — you can go with the standard black ankle jobs or match your footwear to your tie to coordinate colors. 

Look Your Best at Any Spring Wedding With These Tips

While people tend to stereotype women as the gender obsessed with looks, guys want to dress sharp for every occasion, too. If you have a spring wedding approaching, look your debonair best with these ideas. 

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