How Does the ABS System Make Your Car Safe?

How Does the ABS System Make Your Car Safe?

The ABS brake system is one of the most important inventions when it comes to safety in car travel. Next to the airbag and the seat belt, it is known as one of the elements that have saved the most lives since its introduction in vehicles, but what are ABS brakes? How do they work? We are going to explore everything about this term in this article..

What is ABS?

ABS is a system that prevents the brakes from blocking the wheel. When we apply brakes, the pressure is exerted on the brakes that can exceed the tire’s grip limit and, therefore can prevent the wheel from losing braking power, lengthening it, and losing the ability to steer the car. The ABS eliminates this failure of interaction between man and machine automatically.

Through different sensors that detect the angle of rotation of the wheels, the speed or the power of the braking, the system plays with the pressure of the braking circuit to regulate the force we exert on the pedal and thus avoid blocking. In other words, making small automatic corrections in the braking pressure avoids the locking point of the wheels.

What factors are involved in braking with ABS?

As in everything else in life, there is a multitude of factors involved in determining whether ABS comes into play or not. One of them and perhaps the most important is the condition of the tires. If they are worn, have an incorrect pressure or are crystallized, their adhesion limit is reduced and, therefore, the anti-lock system works more than necessary and inefficiently. The condition of the brakes themselves is also a decisive factor, such as the condition of the pads or discs. Tucson Brake Repair provides all the services related to ABS.

ABS wet road brakes can work wonders. The limit of adhesion is reduced, and through a continuous adjustment of the braking power, the braking distance can be reduced. And more importantly, by not blocking the wheels, we do not lose control of the car, so we can continue to aooky brake without so much fear that the vehicle will whip or trumpet because it has blocked the wheels. In curve this is crucial.

ABS brake system

The driver, when the ABS skips, will notice how the pedal begins to vibrate strongly while losing sensitivity. Two things can happen, some warning beep sounds, or we hear a clack-clack-clack. In the dashboard, in the panel, some cars may light the warning light.

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