How do I get the most incredible flavor out of my vape

How do I get the most incredible flavor out of my vape

Increasing growth of vape and vape users

It has not been very long since vapes were first introduced in the market. When they first arrived, they were marketed as a less dangerous alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Vapes lacked the tar that smoking subjected to you – and hence were considered to be less detrimental to your health. The news that there was a safer option to cigarette smoking spread like wildfire and the popularity of the modern vape grew day by day. Vapes became so commonplace that they even replaced cigarettes as the new cool thing. These days, every youngster trying to be popular owns a vape device. As of adults, nine million in the US are regular vape users.

Vapes offer a great deal of customization

But the health benefits were not the only reason responsible for this exponential growth in vape usage. Much of this newfound popularity was due to the fact that vapes are so flexible to use. Not only can you control your nicotine intake by buying vape juice with the desired concentration of the drug, but there are also a limitless range of flavors available to make your vaping experience as enjoyable for you as possible. Compared to the just one boring flavor of tobacco from traditional cigarettes and cigars, vape companies keep releasing new and exciting flavors for their customers to enjoy and keep themselves hooked. From strawberry and apple to peppermint and even gummi bear – there is nothing that you cannot taste in your vape.

Easy tips to get a better taste from your vape

However, sometimes, you fail to experience the utmost flavor your vape has to offer. This may be due to an error in your technique, a fault in the vape hardware, or any other factor that is hindering you to be subjected to the greatest taste. To ensure that you enjoy your vape juice flavor to the fullest, we have prepared a list of some common tips and tricks.

Switch it up

Vaping the same flavor for extended periods of time will rob you of the ability to taste a hundred percent of it. This phenomenon is referred to as the vaper’s tongue in the world of vaping. But don’t worry; the problem has a simple solution. Just switch up the flavor you are using every once in a while to get the most out of them.

Store your juice correctly

Storing your vape juice the wrong way often leads to the flavor escaping it. To ensure that your flavor is safe and secure from the moment you buy it to the moment you use it, keep your vape juice in a cold dark place – preferably in a fridge.

Airflow design

Airflow is an important part of a vape design. While some vape devices may have an airflow on the sides of the coil, some will sport it beneath the coil. Experienced vapers claim that it is the latter that gives a more concentrated flavor and taste. This is one example of how the design of your vape hardware can influence your vape experience.

Play with your device’s settings

If your vape device lets you adjust the voltage and temperature, you are in luck! There are different components to your vape juice; and each of them vaporize at a different temperature. Start with the lowest temperature setting and crank it up until you find the sweet spot that gives you the result that you are looking for.

Coils play an important part

Coils are integral to maximizing the flavor for your vaping experience. It is believed that generally coils that have a greater surface area will produce more powerful hits. Selecting a highly convoluted coil, hence, works in your favor for this purpose.

Replace your wick

Old, used up wicks are not as great at delivering flavor as a fresh one. This is of special consideration when you are changing flavors. Using the same wick for different flavors can leave you with a taste that is a mixture of the two – though mixing two flavors to produce a new one is a common practice with vape users, it does not always have the best results. To enjoy unadulterated, original flavor, change your wick before switching to each new flavor.

Get cleaning

This one is kind of a no brainer. Of course, a vape device that is covered with grime and dirt, and coagulations of old vape juices is unable to give you the best vape experience. Not maintaining your vape mod and cleaning it regularly can cause a buildup of old flavors that you will taste when you use the device next. It can also give a burnt taste to your vape juice.


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