How can Tarot Cards be useful in Psychotherapy?

How can Tarot Cards be useful in Psychotherapy?

What is the first thing that springs to your mind when you hear the word “Tarot cards”? Fear of knowing the unknown, perhaps? In reality, tarot cards are not something to be scared of but can be used to analyze and bring order to people’s lives. Tarot cards, unlike other cards, are not shallow or a new trend; they have a history – and a will of their own. Every Tarot Card has its unique meaning. 

The Tarot deck was invented in the early 1430s in Italy and later on gained popularity in the United States too.  Tarot has evolved through the centuries from a card game to a divination tool. It is now gaining recognition for its value in psychological science. Professional help is provided in which psychotherapy is employed with the use of these unique cards.

The Structure of Tarots:

The most popular deck is the Rider-Waite deck. It consists of 78 cards and two sections- Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana deck, also known as trumps, while the Minor Arcana comprises 56 cards. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent significant events of life. It includes the Hermit card, Death card, Sun card, Moon card, and Fool card. The cards are numbered from 0 -21, and each card is brought to life with a picture. The numbers represent progress through different stages of life. A Guide to Tarot Cards might be available on certain card-reading platforms, such as Psychic Today, where you could learn more about tarot cards in the Major (and Minor) Arcana from an expert Tarot Reader. 

The Minor Arcana cards are further categorized into suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. The card within each suit goes from 1-10; then page, knight, queen, and King. These are the same as usual cards except that a new face card is added. Each suit is associated with some element that is further connected to some aspect of life. Pentacles are linked with the element of Earth and the area of work and physical life. On the other hand, Swords are related to the element of air and the aspect of knowledge or communication in life. While the Cups are associated with water and emotions, the Wands are associated with the element of fire and passion in life.

Psychotherapy using Tarot:

Therapy and healing of people struggling with various problems in life can be constructively done with tarot cards. Life is a series of events: fortunate and unfortunate.  Sometimes unfortunate events can cause long-lasting effects on a person. Seeking help in this situation is the right thing to do. Tarot can be used to make it easier for people to talk about their traumas with a therapist. The energy of a human can translate itself into a pictorial representation on a card, and intuition can allow a narrative to flow from a simple picture.

The client is asked to pick a card from the deck which symbolizes the problem they are facing, the people involved in it, the goals they want to attain, and the ways they perceive themselves. Once someone picks the card, t this card can be used as the focal point of the conversations allowing the patients to open up and share what they feel.

For example, a person is asked to pick a random card, and they pick the sun card from the deck. In this case, a therapist can ask them what the sun means to them. The sun gives off radiations of optimism and happiness. It shows that they might be happy on the surface. Meanwhile, the child on the horse on the same card symbolizes the inner conflict they are facing with themselves since they are unable to make a certain decision. For that person, exploring the card can help them give better insight into their lives and help them make the best choice possible.

Pros of using Tarot Cards in therapy:

  1. Spiritual practice turning into self-care:

For a long time, people turned to religions to organize themselves around a fulfilled life with a purpose and to strengthen their hearts in troubled times. Many people consider themselves spiritual and not religious, which is why tarot cards fit into this. Tarot can be used as a spiritual practice turning into an embodiment of not just self-care but also self-love. Tarots connect deeply with the soul allowing the subconscious to expand its horizons and solve the problem underneath.

  1. Avoiding the use of medicines:

You don’t have to take medicines to relieve anxious feelings or sadness. All you need is to seek psychotherapy through tarot, which acts like a vortex to open up the root of all your problems. It will fill the void which causes unsettling emotions inside you without any chance of being life-dependent on medicines.

  1. Visual representation of problems:

It is easier for humans to explain what is happening inside their heads with the help of pictures. Tarot cards enable the person talking to a therapist to visually represent their feelings and what kind of problem they are facing. It simply gives the subconscious a voice by providing it with an object to project its energy. A bridge is established between the client and therapist with the cards.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone has problems, and many people struggle with anxiety, depression, and sadness. The burden of life becomes bearable when you share what you are feeling with others. Still, not many people like to open up because they are scared others will take advantage of their vulnerabilities. In this era of distrust, it is better to seek therapy whenever you feel sad and lonely or are in a tough place. Tarot Card Reading in psychotherapy is one of the best options when you do not want to rely on medications. 

Christie Lewis
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