How Can Breastfeeding Problems Be Avoided?

How Can Breastfeeding Problems Be Avoided?
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Sometimes there are certain expectations that new mothers have with themselves when they start their journey of motherhood. They have it all lined up for them, how they are going to take care of their baby, what products they are going to use. All of these things just exist in your mind. Your idea of motherhood is far more different than what motherhood actually is. The joy of becoming a parent and the bliss that you feel when you carry your child in your arms is unmatchable. Children are a profound gift from God and should be celebrated in every way possible. 

While the perks of motherhood standstill there are certain problems that new mothers usually have to face. Coming out of a 9-month pregnancy all the hormones attack your body all at once leaving you taking a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. Settling into the new routine, spending sleepless nights by your baby’s side just to make sure that they are doing okay and sleeping well can be a lot to take on in the first few weeks. Apart from that, one of the very common problems that new mothers have to face is breastfeeding. 

While some people may have a smooth journey with breastfeeding others might have a difficult time coping up with it. Breastfeeding is not an easy job and you can never be fully prepared for what is coming towards you. 

How To Get Ready For The Breastfeeding Journey  

You have to prepare yourself that the days that are about to come are not going to be easy for you. In order to avoid uncertainty and be prepared, there are certain ways in which you can make up your mind and get prepared for what is coming ahead for you.

You have to do all your homework about time management before the baby arrives so it is easy to figure out what and how you are going to manage things. 

  • Look out for advice: There are tons of people around you and on the internet that have gone through the same journey and are willing to share their experiences with you. Look out for advice and then plan the challenges that you think you are going to face in the future. You will hear horror stories about how hard nursing can be but don’t get overwhelmed as it is a slow and beautiful process. 
  • Let the baby latch: Once you let the baby latch it will be easier for you. Babies know a lot about breastfeeding when they are born and are quick to identify how they have to latch. Once they find the correct breastfeeding latch the process is smooth after that. Babies have very sharp instincts and they are developed from the moment they are born to six to seven weeks. 
  • Keep the baby close: Babies sense when they are close to their mothers and when they are far from them. If you keep your baby close to you more preferably skin to skin this will signal your body to develop more breast milk and you will know instantly when the baby is hungry and wants milk. Babies tend to be calmer when they are close to their mothers. 
  • Don’t measure the time: There is no time guide as to when you have to feed your baby nor do you have to measure the time in between each interval. Only the baby knows when they are hungry and how much milk they need. The early days after giving birth are essential as the milk production in those days is the most as compared to the others. 

With just a little help and luck you can drift off to nursing bliss with your baby but the key is to know that you can not always be prepared for everything. Motherhood is a blessing and it comes with its own challenges that are all worth it.

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