How Artists Can Strategically Improve Their Quality of Life From Home

How Artists Can Strategically Improve Their Quality of Life From Home

More and more artists, writers, and musicians — creatives of all kinds, in fact — are starting to think more strategically about the quality of their life. In particular, how to enjoy a secure, content livelihood while still flourishing creatively. There are several options to consider when planning for the future, but one possibility is the option of marrying your home base and your art.

The “starving artist” cliche has been around for a long time, but given an ever-evolving world of technology and connectivity, that motif is slowly being laid to rest. With the right strategy and motivation, creatives alike can prioritize their quality of life as well as their passions.

When Life Imitates Art

One quality of many creative types is the ability to find the artistic value in almost anything. This can be said when looking at abandoned properties for your future home (and business) base. While focusing on quality of life and abandoned properties might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, taking that unique ability to find the beauty and wonder in the most unlikely places not only benefits you but the community as well.

Granted, abandoned properties can require quite the initial investment, the process can be looked at as part of the artistic journey. Remember, you’re creating a home base for both you and your skills, which means you’re at liberty to take the right measures to ensure you feel at home and artistically satisfied.

With all of that in mind, it’s worth considering turning your home into a piece of art. From homes made entirely out of recycled doors to rooms centered around various famous authors, creating a space where your art and life can become one is a great way to achieve that better quality of life we all seek. It also means that when all is said and done, turning your renovated property into a small business in which you can create, work, and flourish from is that much easier.

Down the line, your artistic talents may even help you move on to new horizons, should the direction of your life take you elsewhere. Taking imaginative or inspiring photographs of your unique home — a process made much easier with drone photography — is a great way of drawing potential buyers and highlighting the creative flair you’ve brought to the property.

Getting the Logistics Right

These days artists aren’t necessarily required to be where their audience is. Thanks to the internet and social media, many creators have the ability to work from home while also pursuing a creative career. Take Youtube for example. Creators are able to record their video/art, easily edit them online for free, and upload — all within the same day! There are also options like Etsy where creatives can make, sell, and ship their work from one site all by themselves. This means that turning your home base in your own e-commerce business is a totally viable option but it will still require the right kind of organization and strategy.

As some e-commerce experts put it, “Perhaps you’re selling unique sustainably sourced apparel, non-toxic pet toys, or eco-friendly home decor. Regardless of the product mix … your dream come true could turn into a logistics nightmare. After all, you may be an expert in your niche, but logistics is a science all its own.” Essentially, while success is the goal of any entrepreneur, it could also be your downfall. With that in mind, some factors to keep in mind while growing your at-home business include:

  • Supply/Demand Planning: It’s hard to predict when a boom in business will happen, so it’s best to be adequately prepared as well as pay close attention to online traffic in order to get ahead of said business booms.
  • The Big Picture: Keeping the right amount of inventory is quite the balancing act, and for the sake of happy customers and your sanity, it’s worth considering calling on logistics providers who create efficient systems and operational discipline that’ll make this task less of a headache.
  • Managing Returns: Returns can often be the biggest challenge for startups and making the right decision with said returns can be tricky. Weigh your options (restocking fee, liquidate, or resell) and consider the logistics of each return in order to make the best decision for your business.

There are of course even more factors to consider when running your creative business, but the overall satisfaction of doing what you love is (hopefully!) worth all the hassle.

Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Speaking of other factors, another vital aspect of running your own business is insurance. Building up your home and business clearly takes a lot of time, effort, and investment so it’s important to protect all your hard work and efforts the best that you can. Moreover, business insurance differs state to state, so that means it’s worth spending the time it takes to familiarize yourself with your unique insurance requirements and options. Enjoying a better quality of life also means being prepared for when disaster strikes. The paperwork and overall process might get complicated, but you’ll never regret insuring your livelihood.   

Final Thoughts

However you decide to create, working towards a successful, happy, and enjoyable life as an artist isn’t impossible. Having the right home base is always a good place to start, and from there the possibilities are endless. Remember you have a plethora of helpful resources, and while trying to figure out your artistic path may not always be easy, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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