Houston and Austin Top the List of Best Texas Party Locations

Houston and Austin Top the List of Best Texas Party Locations

When it’s time to start planning for the hottest party of the year or design a wedding that will amaze guests in Texas, you’ve got to start with the setting. In the Lone Star state, only two cities are the top when it comes to big events. Houston and Austin are the best places to set up your incredible event. These two cities make the tedious task of event planning simple, with easy access to wedding table rentals, plenty of qualified planners, great venues and the top caterers in the state. Here is why you should have your next big event in Houston or Austin.


First, Houston and Austin make for convenient party locations for any type of event planner. Houston has the largest population in Texas and offers lots of convenient options, such as hotels, restaurants, tourist sites and much more for planners and out-of-town guests. Austin, while not as large as Houston, also provides modern convenience that most big cities have. Austin, Texas’ capital, is the economic epicenter of the state and gives planners lots to work with such as Austin event rentals.

Great Venues

Another reason why these two cities are great for parties is the large number of event venues. Houston’s sprawling location and close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico give planners variety for venue options, including beach locations, ranches, downtown hotels, trendy restaurants and country houses. Austin features beautiful country clubs, southern plantations, peaceful resorts and unique riverboats to help set the scene for a perfect party.

Fantastic Food

The food scene in both Houston and Austin is also something to talk about. These Texas towns have some of the most talented chefs in the world. Event planners wanting a great selection of catering vendors for every palate get spoiled with the offerings in Houston and Austin. The region specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine, such as tacos, burritos, tamales, enchiladas and fajitas.

Professional Resources 

Party and wedding planners also have access to every type of professional resource imaginable in Houston and Austin. These cities offer plenty of décor companies, bakers, florists, lighting designers and set-up and staging crews. Event rentals Houston offers planners use of items such as chairs, tables, dance floors, microphones, linens, lounge furniture and tent set-ups.

Entertainment Options

Entertainment is also a big part of a successful event. While both Houston and Austin have plenty of fun, amazing DJs, a big reason to choose one of these cities for your party’s location is the selection of live music. These areas of Texas are experiencing a musical renaissance, and there are plenty of live music options for your party’s entertainment needs. Don’t limit yourself to country music, either. Houston and Austin also have musical acts from other popular genres, such as rock, soul, pop and big band.

Outfit Your Event

It’s a big responsibility to create an event that pleases everyone on your guest list. Start the process off on the right foot and make your job easier by choosing either Houston or Austin for your location. Whether you’re planning a huge country-style bash or a glamourous modern wedding, these cities offer countless resources and opportunities for a great event.

Rohit Raina
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