Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

From location to size to affordability, there are a lot of things to consider as a tenant. Fortunately, rentals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is something for everybody. Here are a couple of amazing options to keep in mind.

Granny pods as a practical housing alternative

Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

If you’re looking for accommodation that will allow you to have your landlord nearby at all times while still having some peace and quiet of your own, granny pods might be the answer. Granny pods, simply put, are housing units on the property of the landlord. These tiny houses typically have a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and a kitchenette, and the name itself comes from the fact that these tiny outbuildings were built with the intention of keeping an aging parent nearby. Living in close proximity made it easier for families to stay close when there was no other way to accommodate seniors.

Because of their practicality, granny pods quickly became a popular housing option among millennials. The fact that they are smaller in scale makes them more affordable than renting a regular house. Plus, they’re located on the residence’s property, so renters don’t have to think about the upkeep.

Single family rentals as a spacious and comfortable housing choice

Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

While single and married professionals tend to gravitate towards high-end housing options such as luxury apartments, when it comes to those married with children, more often than not they’ll look into the option of renting a house. The same goes for millennials who are thinking about starting a family who will need something more spacious and comfortable once their family expands.

Single family rentals provide the perfect conditions for millennials who have settled or are planning to settle. They come with all the freedom and the benefits of living in a house without having to deal with the obligations that come with homeownership. Sometimes, families are even given the freedom to customize the house to their liking if the house owner agrees with that.

Serviced studio apartments as a convenient option

Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

This housing option offers all the benefits of a normal apartment in terms of amenities plus some extra services for added convenience. These additional services include everything from housekeeping to linen change – services you would typically find in a hotel, and utilities will usually be included in the monthly rent, making this option even more appealing.

Conveniently located and perfectly functional, these beautifully designed serviced studios for rent act as a home away from home while being especially convenient for millennials, businesspeople, and digital nomads since they offer both long-term and short-term options. Tenants have access to communal areas such as the lounge, the rooftop, the laundromat, and a fully-equipped kitchen where they can hang out with other residents. The studios range from 125 to 260 square feet, with some being pet-friendly and some of them even featuring their own little balcony.

Convertible apartments as a flexible housing solution

Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

In order for an apartment to classify as a convertible, it has to have separate living space and a space that could work as a bedroom. In that sense, it is different from a studio apartment, which consists of one room that can be used for different purposes, from living and working to studying and sleeping.

Convertibles are also called studio alcove or junior 1 bed, and they’re usually around 600 square feet, with some as large as 1,000 square feet. They often come with an L-shaped floor plan, and there are usually no walls or doors separating the living and bedroom area, although more modern versions include sliding glass doors or partial walls that divide the two areas. They’re more affordable than one-bedroom units, and their name suggests that such space can be converted to anything from an art studio to an office to a simple bedroom.

Room rentals as an affordable accommodation option

Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

Similar to studio apartments, room rentals consist of one room which is usually on the smaller side, and are perfect for individuals looking for some privacy without spending too much on accommodation. They’re also similar in terms of being affordable, with room rentals being even more on the cheaper side, and they’re perfect for single individuals and students.

Room rentals work particularly well if you’re living on a tight budget or otherwise want to save money and reach a certain financial goal since you can split the rent with your housemate. If you are in need of a room at a convenient location, be prepared to pay more for the rent.

Wrapping up

Housing Rental Types: Which is Perfect For You?

Renter lifestyle can sometimes make more financial sense than homeownership, especially when it comes to millennials. With so many types of real estate properties, finding something that fits shouldn’t be too difficult these days.

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