Complex Yet Comforting Relationship with Books

If there is someone who admits to complex, confusing yet utterly comforting relationship, I guess it would be me. And this day, I declare that I am wedded for life to that one love that spawned out of loneliness which childhood embraced me in. Not that I was an introvert, no ways. My dear ones had named me ‘Little Miss Trouble’. But, I guess that was just their way of accusing me of all their wrongs.

 So what if I cut the curtains into weird shapes and dared to put my hand in the street dog’s obnoxious mouth. All I was trying to do was trying and explore. What else was I supposed to do at the age of 8? Elope? May be I could….if I wouldn’t have found my love where I was …Home library was where it all started…behind the dusty shelf that no one bothered about. It was a pretty safe area for both of us to get together and share common interest. At the beginning, there was, though only a little, hesitation between us for we both were made entirely of different matters. But, there was one thing in common: ‘We Talked’.
I was 8-years-old then, and now I am 26…have met a number of people till yet..(fallen for some and got up with a few). But my platonic relationship with books just doesn’t seem to get over…I wonder if I am hooked…
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  1. I wish you’d written a little longer. I was really enjoying reading about your get-togethers with books.

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