Hestasi Blue Light Glasses Review after 7 days

Hestasi Blue Light Glasses Review after 7 days

Here’s my honest review after 7 days of wearing the Hestasi Blue light glasses.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking at a screen. The screens of electronic devices produce blue light, a type of light that disrupts sleep-wake cycles and induces headaches.

Humans simply weren’t made to interact with electronic devices around the clock. Even though blue light is found naturally in sun rays, it’s not like we stare directly into the sun. But we do gaze deeply into screens for hours at a time. Hence the eye fatigue, hence the restlessness, the lack of focus, and overall irritability.

Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies made about the effectiveness of Blue Light Blocking Glasses. So I ordered them and tested them myself for one week.

What are Hestasi’s blue light glasses?

Hestasi’s blue light blocking glasses have special lenses that filter out the blue light emitted from digital screens. The lenses claim to protect your eyes from damaging blue light in order to decrease eye strain and fatigue, headaches, improve sleep quality and overall wellbeing. 

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My Hestasi Blue Light Glasses Review after 7 days

While there is no scientific evidence to support the use of blue light blocking glasses to enhance macular health, I found many reviewers online who brag about the beneficial effects of the Hestasi blue light glasses based on their personal experiences. 

At first, I was a bit sceptical if these blue light glasses would actually work. Still, I was also eager to find a cure for my dry eyes and constant headaches, so I decided to give the Hestasi glasses a try.

I initially noticed the Hestasi brand on TikTok and decided to order Hestasi Signature glasses from their website. At the time of writing, Hestasi has a promotion running where they give away their Signature blue light glasses for free, and you just need to pay shipping (my shipping fee to Australia was roughly $14). The glasses arrived beautifully packaged within roughly two weeks.

Today, they arrived exactly 7 days ago and I got to say: They work perfectly!!! Since I started wearing these glasses, I’ve been able to work on my laptop for extended periods without getting a headache or dry eyes. These have become an absolute must for me during work!

I also started using them while watching TV or Netflix at night because blue light blocks the release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. I haven’t noticed a significant difference there, but I’ve never had problems with my sleep before anyways. If you do though, they might help improve your sleep as well.

Is Hestasi a Scam?

Many people are sceptical if Hestasi is a legitimate company because they offer their blue light glasses for free. While this might sound weird or suspicious to some, it is actually a commonly used marketing strategy used by the biggest companies worldwide.

The free item is a great offer to gain new customers for the business, and if they are satisfied, they will come back and order more products.

So, is Hestasi a scam? No, Hestasi is a legitimate business. They sent my product on time, the product quality and shipping times are excellent and their customer support is friendly and on point.

I would recommend you try a pair if you’re getting dry and tired eyes easily, having difficulty falling asleep or often have post-work headaches before reaching for meds.

I also found the anti-reflective lenses, which are not offered by a lot of brands except Hastasi, ideal for video chats.

If you’re looking for the ideal pairs of blue light blocking glasses, Hestasi offers an excellent choice at an unbeatable price. I mean, the product is free.

Overall, it’s purportedly effective in preventing headaches, relieving eye strain, and helping you have a restful night’s sleep.

Rohit Raina
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  1. Anonymous

    It is a scam. I ordered on Expedited Shipping which was 20 pounds for me, and the glasses have been in transit in China at the same place, “dispatched” for one full week

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