Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Need to Plan Your Next Vacation in Costa Rica

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Need to Plan Your Next Vacation in Costa Rica

Planning your next vacation stirs up some excitement. You probably have a list jotted down somewhere — or mentally stored — of destinations you’d love to see. The problem is, how do you decide which order to visit them in? If you adore traveling, then you likely have a hard time picking favorites to see first.

It’s time to stop overthinking your next vacation. Instead, imagine the experience you want to have. If you’re dreaming up a fantastic experience with many different routes to adventure, consider booking a trip to Costa Rica for your next vacation.

Costa Rica makes the perfect destination getaway. The country holds so much culture with endless activities to add to your list. After reading the following ten tips, you’ll likely start packing your bags. You may learn something you never knew, which will help push you into booking your next ticket out of town.

1. Natural Hot Springs

Settling into a steaming hot tub creates a perfect environment for relaxation. While your body relaxes all at once, you effortlessly release your stress and help reshape your frame of mind. Some people willingly pay extra for a vacation spot with a hot tub for this reason, but in Costa Rica you can enjoy the natural hot springs. The new experience results in simultaneous adventure and relaxation — something a hot tub typically can’t provide.

2. Incredible Marine Life

For the adventurous sea-loving traveler, Costa Rica is home to extensive beaches and marine wildlife. You can see everything from manta rays to whale sharks on a snorkeling or scuba diving adventure. You can book in advance with a tour group to take you by boat to enjoy the wildlife for yourself.

3. Endless Jungle Hiking

You can hike a mountain or local trail at a state park in your hometown, but have you ever walked through a jungle? Costa Rica provides the opportunity to wander through sandy jungle trails making a unique hiking experience. You can see jungle wildlife without needing to venture off the path. Make sure to pack a camera to capture those moments, plus the amazing views you’re sure to see.

4. Local Surfing Lessons

Where there are beaches, surfing follows in Costa Rica. If you enjoy surfing or if you’ve always wanted to try it out, you can find local surf lessons along the beaches. With the help of certified coaches, you can start at the beginner level or challenge yourself even at the expert level. Soon you’ll find yourself gliding over clear blue waters and onto white sandy shores.

5. Delicious Dining Options

Your hometown dining options might start to feel a little same old same old, but in Costa Rica you won’t know where to begin on your culinary adventure. You can try the country’s most popular foods, like gallopinto, olla de carne and patacones. Research restaurants ahead of time to book reservations at well-known or reviewed restaurants to help enhance your dining experience.

6. Quiet Restful Places

Many people discover the joy and fun Costa Rica provides for guests and locals alike, but it’s also the perfect destination for those seeking serenity. You can find peaceful beaches and mountain paths away from the bustling crowds. Look into different available accommodations to help create the experience you’re looking for.

7. Luxury Retreats

Like any other vacation spot, Costa Rica also offers an array of luxury retreats. Whether you want the full luxury experience or would rather have a themed retreat like yoga or meditation, the exploration possibilities feel endless. Think about what you hope to get from a retreat to narrow down which ones would be right for you.

8. Historic Museums

For those seeking a more culturally rich experience, Costs Rica’s museums will teach you about the country’s history and fascinating heroes who made it what’s experienced today. Look into museums around where you’re staying, and consider renting a spot closer to a big city so you have more museum options to choose from.

9. Fresh Coffee Beans

Companies purchase the ingredients for their products from all over the world, but most coffee companies prefer to get their coffee beans from Costa Rica. A Costa-Rican law prevents coffee from being produced from anything other than 100 percent Arabica, or the highest quality coffee bean. Coffee purists will find themselves right at home, with plenty of coffee shops to frequent and explore.

10. The Pura Vida Mentality

Costa Rica makes a great country for a getaway thanks to the happy locals residing there. It has little to do with their location and a lot to do with the mindset they live by. In Costa Rica, people tend to live with a “pura vida” mentality, which translates to “pure life.” It’s a motto that emphasizes the need to keep life simple. Only in simplicity can true happiness be found. People don’t stress about the same things as the rest of the world, because they’ve found a way to let things go.

Time to Start Planning Your Next Vacation

When visiting Costa Rica, you’ll let go of your daily stresses. By indulging in the simple joys of snorkeling, hiking or seeing museums, you’ll discover a new way to look at life. You can take your changed perspective home with you and use to transform your daily life. You’ll leave as a more curious and invigorated version of yourself.

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