Gurlz! Stop Being Compulsively Obsessive

Gurlz! Stop Being Compulsively Obsessive

You’ve been tenderly trained into typical ‘polished’ behaviour. Good for you mademoiselle! You’ve been brought up in a typical ignorant way of living. Good for you ladhki! That said, it’s kind of confusing to pick up some similar traits, no matter what your sensors picked up from your childhood ( and so, upbringing). Excuse me for this one, but I betcha that all girls have an inherent disorder of being compulsively obsessive. For factual backing, lemme tell you, 60% of the people who talk about ‘letting go’ are the females. No wonder the hype arises from the clingy behaviour that they religiously practice. Awkward! (me too a lady, you see) 😛 So the sakhis and the sahelis, what are the obsessive do always that you need to follow? Take a hint:

Weight, Diet, and Drinks


These are the BIG things in a woman’s life. They’ll envy other girl who can hog like a pig and still manage to look slick. They’ll die if their weight jumps a little over 59 ( OMG! It looks fat on the weighing machine too). They’ll gossip about their friend’s diet and boast about their own. C’mon girls, get a bit real. You don’t like being all about weight and fat. You enjoy the beer and giggle on your own burps. And yes, you don’t need to be excused for that.

Your BFFs and BFs

They are your arm candies. Without one on each you feel a little lost, don’t you? But don’t treat them as your entire existence. The world is too exciting a place to spend on a boyfriend or two. Date random people, and for god sake don’t make a fuss about it. Treat flings like they are supposed to be treated – like flings. Don’t go overboard with emotions in them.


Let me get things a little straight first – we the females are a bit funnily engineering when it comes to two things : a) explaining b) advising. We are obsessed with quoting examples from things like the universe and people like Socrates. Close to philosophy, are we? No! We rather look like loquacious fools. A word of caution, limit the philosophy to your journal. Don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve it.

We’ll spare talking about 50 Shades of Grey in this list. It’s not an obsession of every girl. At least, not of those who have been there, done that! And, of those who don’t make a fuss about been there, done that.

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