The Ultimate Guide on How To Groom Your Beard

The Ultimate Guide on How To Groom Your Beard

Do you want to see your beard growing in full glory? Want to represent your ‘Beard club’ with some serious Whiskers? You have landed on the right page. Now open your doors to embrace new beard grooming tips and techniques.

Do you know? Every 3 out 4 men prefer facial hair over clean shave. And 75% men in the US connect their facial hair with their persona and status.

Don’t want to fall behind in the beard game? Here are the few things you need to do to keep your beard grooming going.

How to maintain an awesome beard?

  1. Wash your beard: The first important step in grooming is to keep the beard clean. That’s why it is important to shampoo and condition your facial hair regularly. You can wash your beard 2 to 3 times a week to avoid dandruff and itchiness. Another key benefit of washing facial hair is it hydrates the hair and gives you that shiny, clean finish. Conditioning is especially useful for a dry, coarse beard.

And also make sure to dry your beard with a towel. Use a beard straightener to straighten the hair, remove tangles and curls.

2. Use beard oil: Beard oil can change the way your beard looks. It locks moisture and avoids frizz at all costs. If you are looking for extra softness and nourishment, then ‘beard oil’ is what you need in your kit.

Apply beard oil after your shower with warm water. Steam opens up the pores and allows the skin to absorb the essential oil efficiently. Thus you will have a soft, conditioned beard all day long.

3. Use beard balm: Beard balm offers another way of moisturizing your beard. The only difference is that balm is thick in texture and lasts longer. It’s good to apply either one of them and keep rotating to see the difference each of these products brings.

Similar to beard oil, apply balm immediately after a shower to reap its effectiveness. Before applying, take the balm in your palm and rub it in your hands before applying it to your facial hair.

4. Trim your beard: ‘Trimming’ is an important part of grooming. The more you trim the better. Here are some of the reasons why trimming is a wise idea.

· Beard needs to be trimmed to achieve the desired beard style.

· When a beard grows longer, it is prone to coarseness and split-ends but trimming keeps the facial hair in place.

· Accelerates hair growth and makes it healthier.

· It ensures a thicker and fuller beard.

· Highlights your jawline and improves your overall look.

5. Brush your end: Brushing your facial hair is important to keep your hair healthy. Beard straighteners are very effective in achieving that goal. They spread the body’s natural oil across hair and keep them moisturized. It also helps beard oil to penetrate deep into the beard. It also allows the beard to grow in the desired direction.

6. Train your beard: Training a beard comes with its set of challenges. Though it looks difficult to train your beard in the beginning, the effort you put in will all be worth it. Start training your beard with a beard comb, brush it after you take a shower, remove tangles, and use the beard oil to keep them in place.

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Be extra careful, if you have a short beard. Go gentle and make sure not to irritate underneath the skin.

7. Work on your beard neckline: Many men leave their beard neckline messy. You should know that for the well-groomed look, you need to have a faded neckline. Achieving faded necklines requires some effort. If you struggle to fade your neckline part, you can take your barber’s help.

8. Style your beard: You need to pick the great beard style that complements your face shape and hairstyle. You also have to rely on some good-quality beard products to achieve the style. Always remember to pair your beard straightener with beard oil.

9. Experiment with the beard styles: Many factors play an important role while styling your beard. Experimenting involves trying out different lengths, designs, and shapes. There are endless options available for you today. However, before picking anything, take your head shape, jawline, face fullness into consideration. Choose the style that perfectly complements your style.

10. Eat healthy for a healthy beard: What you eat defines your health and beard health is no exception. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your beard growth will be more likely to be on track. Eat a diet packed with Vitamin A, C, E, B6, biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids. Also consume salmon, eggs, spinach, green pepper, rice beans, and oatmeal, and flaxseed oil.

Other factors that also influence your beard growth are exercise, sleep, and stress. Physical activities like cardio, weight-lifting boosts blood circulation and increases the production of testosterone whereas sleep accelerates cell-reproduction and recovery.

 In a nutshell, a healthy lifestyle assures you a healthy beard. The right diet, tools, and exercise are what you need to level up your grooming game.

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