Google as Powerful as God? How the Search Engine Can be Compared to God

Google as Powerful as God? How the Search Engine Can be Compared to God

Blasphemy, anyone? What might look like a hideous title for a post, there is an uncanny similarity between Google and God. Call it sacrilege if you will, but I can help compare the two entities – while one is just a thing on the stupid Internet, the other is what seemingly holds the world together.

Any religious sermon apart, let us look at a few facts that make Google godly, and a few interesting facts that you may have not known.

Similarities Between Google and God:

  • Google knows about every inch, every thread of planet earth. It doesn’t have to go to anyone else for seeking information
  • Google is omnipresent. Wherever you are, you would be able to access Google – be it from a mobile device or be it at an office where a majority sites are banned – except Google.
  • Google cannot die, just like god. There may be many competitors prowling around, but nothing is ever going to replace Google.
  • Like God, Google knows no limits. Whatever answer you need, Google will toss it at you.
  • Google never forgets. Ever.
  • Google punishes those with non righteous conduct. If you post plagiarized content, or indulge in spamming, Google won’t let it pass. It will penalize you in its next Panda update.
  • Google has its disciples – Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin , they all exist so that no one gets away with immoral acts.
  • Like God, Google takes and fulfils a billion requests every day.

Google is Massive

  • When Google started back in 1996, it started as nothing more than a research engine.
  • By the next year, the domain,, was accessible online. The first stride made by Google was back in 1998 when as many as 30million pages were indexed on it.
  • About thirty seven percent of the total staff at Google comprises of research professionals
  • In the year 2013, Google’s revenue stood at US$ 59.82 billion and it enjoyed a profit of as massive as US$ 12.92 billion.

Interesting Facts You May not be Knowing

  • The name ‘Google’ was invented as a result of spelling accident. What the original founders instead wanted to name this product was ‘Googol’.
  • The reason Google page is so flat, without any graphics as such because the founding members of Google didn’t have any prior knowledge of HRML or CSS.
  • The Internet legend has it that during the initial days of Google, users would blankly stare at the screen once they opened Google, because they felt that the page was yet to load fully and they would see more clickable links.
  • What made number of Google visitors burst through the rooftops was when they introduced the “Did you mean…” feature. It is kind of a spell checker where Google indicates you have typed in a wrong spelling. The feature was lapped up by the visitors with a keen desire.
  • Google’s first tweet was “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010. It is a binary code which means ‘I’m feeling lucky”
Source: Mashable
  • The first ever Company Snack for the Google employees was way candy, Swedish fish, which was ordered way back in February 1999.
  • At the Google headquarters, there is a massively huge T-Rex skeleton – a dinosaur figure that is named after the dinosaur that was found at a location in close proximity.

Among the many things Google is called, God may not go down well with everyone. But what is indisputable is the inspiration that can be drawn by the enterprise and its founders.

Do comment below if you know more of such facts by Google.


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