If There Were No Goodbyes

If There Were No Goodbyes

There is Time to Leave Even When There is no place to go. And you have to leave (read: live) alone. How about being in touch forever? Little by little you’ll lose out on the likings. You’ll get more real and get going. Right now there is a centrifugal force that sucks your existence in from everywhere. Seeing the force dissipate will clear some air and a lot of self doubt. The idea is reassuring. When you feel that rope is going to break, don’t leave. Let your fingers ache; hold on to the pain. Test your spirit and your patience. You will bleed, maybe even profusely. The scars will stay there like lines of fate hinting some future encounter. You know your past would never make it to the future…still you will have it embedded in your fate. The nostalgia will take over as you shed a tear drop every now and then. Then there will be a lull.

Understanding the psychology of the situation will become pivotal. The grimness on your face will become so obvious that you will often feel like putting on a masquerade. Let yourself fall apart. Out-rightly you’ll be messed-up. It would be so grey that you might fall in love with the marriage of black and white. Every happy face you see will turn you green with envy. Let the colors maroon you. You’ve walked together for quite a while now; been on the routes under every streetlight. Walk in the dark for a while, alone and devoid of company. Don’t look back with a fear of tomorrow and a regret of the past. Just keep walking. It might rain someday and your tears might get the right amigo to play with. You can let them go now…the memoirs!

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  1. Susan Foster

    Very poignant and beautiful, and helpful

  2. Jagdish Singh

    Alwaz CONFRONT your fears!
    Procastinating the confrontation does exactly that!
    You have the assurance of the saintly ones that continually
    of THE LORD (in whatever form YOU LOVE HIM AS ie. whatever be your religion)

  3. Jagdish Singh

    Always confront your FEARS whatever they be!

  4. Deepak

    The writing is equally beautiful and even more meaningful in the romantic perspective. I had always believed that love was just a misunderstood form of lust and a cupid strike is a hormal kick. But something changed from the last couple of years when i actually understood that people can get close mentally, physically and philosophically and when you start to realize that this cant go on for ever and you need to stop….. the state of your mind becomes more complicated than even the concept of quantum entanglement. Your mind hits the brake but your mind goes on with its own inertia. You past start coming to you like a beautifully pictured cinema. What can you do.. You can just be grateful that you got to live your past and that no one can deny you your memories irrespective of anything else.. sigh……………..

  5. Shivangi

    Hi Deepak,

    Your thoughts on love..or rather the lack of it found the right ending..and that’s exactly what ‘If There Were No Goodbyes’ is also about. As you rightly said, when you feel things slipping away they look beautiful..I guess then VOID is where dreams begin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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