Giving Your Brows the Royal Treatment 

Giving Your Brows the Royal Treatment 

As a feature that frames your face, eyebrows are important in your whole look. You may be going for the youthful girl with bushy brows, or the sophisticated lady with beautifully shaped brows. Whatever the case, you need to give this part of your face the royal treatment. 

And for that, you need to do the following:

Let them rest from over-plucking

Sure, you live for the thin brows and would prefer it if you draw and define the thickness of your brows every day, but it’s certainly not encouraging to wake up in the morning to very thin, almost nonexistent brows. It would definitely be a hassle if you were pressed for time and have to choose between running late and having no brows. These are just some of the consequences of overplucking, so while you have the chance, let your brows grow their natural length every once in a while. In fact, your aim should be to keep them to their natural shape, which they had when you were younger. They thin as you age, and that’s where eyebrow makeup for sale comes in. Simply fill in the gaps to have full brows without needing to take an hour to get the perfect shape. 

Let the experts handle them

You can be a pro when it comes to makeup and blending and baking and all that jazz, but when it comes to shaping the brows, no one does it better than an expert. They can assess your face objectively to get the shape that will complement your features best, and they can also teach you how to care for your brows when you wax or pluck them at home. Yes, brow experts are aware that you may not come back regularly to them when you can just follow along the shape they’ve created and pluck away the excess, but this still requires technique and care. Before you pluck away carelessly, remember that it takes a long time for brow hairs to grow back. 

Remove the makeup completely 

Your brows are not immune to pimples, and when there’s one in the area, you’ll have a hard time shaping them to perfection. You may not even be able to comb them with a spoolie properly. Next time you use your makeup remover, make sure you’re also running it along your brow area to remove the product you’ve used for the day. Brow products typically last the whole day, so it’s important to get them off before you head to bed to prevent residue and buildup. 

Love your brows 

Whether you’re all about brow grooming or you barely pay them any attention, they are still part of you and therefore you should show them some love. When you look in the mirror, try not to be too critical of yourself. Think of positive reasons to love your features and they’ll look nicer in your eyes in effect. 

Rohit Raina
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