Gaming Essentials: A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming on a PC

Gaming Essentials: A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming on a PC
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Any experienced gamer will tell you that gaming on a PC can be just as fun and enjoyable as on a console, or even better, provided you have the right equipment. In fact, most PC gamers are of the opinion that it’s better to play on your PC than on a console. This is because PCs can have their graphics level adjusted to allow for higher and smoother frame rates than what consoles have.

That’s alongside the fact that the sheer number of games available on PC is far more than that available on individual console platforms. These PC games also have the added advantage of being cheaper than their console counterparts.

Maximizing your gaming experience on a PC requires you to have specific essentials aside from a great processor and graphics card. Here are some accessories that can elevate your gaming experience right now.   

Double Monitors

This is a necessity for gamers if they are going to multitask. Imagine you’re playing your favorite RPG and really need to watch a walk-through video to help you overcome the current stage you’re in. That’s the kind of situation where a second monitor can be necessary.

While the monitor you’ll require for gaming should be the one that affords you a high refreshing rate – ideally, more than 60 rps, the second one can be the one that just performs basic functions.  This may not be necessary if you have a very wide monitor that you can split into two screens.

An Ergonomic Keyboard

While regular keyboards will allow you to play whatever game you require, gaming keyboards will make sure you enjoy playing them. With features like anti-ghosting that help you prevent issues like registering several buttons at once to enable you to do combinations and prevent accidental pressing, your experience will be much better.

A PC Gaming Mouse

RPG and FPS players know the necessity of having a gaming mouse more than anyone. A specialized mouse with programmable buttons, higher sensitivity, adjustable weight, and a faster response time enables you to have smooth functioning which is necessary, especially in games where one moment can be the difference between failure and success.

While the pads themselves are designed for comfort and pleasing aesthetic, it’s advisable to get a bigger mouse pad when using a gaming mouse to give you enough space to maneuver.


Enjoying every detail of a game is what brings satisfaction to a hardcore gamer. Being able to enjoy the entrancing music of the game is what brings the adrenaline rush to most players, and you don’t want to miss out on it. In addition to this, they are the popular choice for communication in multiplayer games.

Getting headphones for your PC shouldn’t be difficult. The main thing to look out for is the one that has excellent surround sound.

A Steam Account

Steam is the best resource site for most gamers. It’s very convenient. Most games require one-click installation which is a necessity for new gamers. They have an extensive library of games you can buy and usually for a very affordable price.

There’s also the added advantage of their forums – discussion forums for every game which allow you to get advice on issues within the game, and trading forums that enable you to trade games you purchased for other games.

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