Freckles, Fast Food and Logic: 20 Something and Learning

Freckles, Fast Food and Logic: 20 Something and Learning

I do some of the finest thinking under my blanket. Hell, I hide there with my journal! Yes, you might think that’s a weird place to pick. But seriously, I am not scared of someone finding out what I am up to. The setting happens to give me the right impetus to think (somehow). So while most of the times I am coming up with random one liners, yesterday was the day for a chronicle on age-o-mania. Since I have absolutely no qualms disclosing my age, I write without a tinge of drama that I am 24-y-o. My yesterday’s age-o-manic perceptive insights were rousing. Here’s what I think that the 20s teach:

 Don’t Mess-Up Without Protection

This is the best lesson that the twenties can teach. It’s the lesson that you should be through with till the time you reach your 30s. Yes, they say that these are your wild and free days. You are bound to mess up and end up losing a friend or two to your lust (and a finger-linking good chic). But that’s the whole point of it being a lesson.

 Things Are Always How You See Them

When you are in high school, you have a fairytale philosophy about everything. In the teenage, there is a kind of tiff between the real and romantic. It’s in the 20s that you realize that the truth is how you see it. Somehow, you always realize till then, that if things are too good to be true, then probably they are. In short, 20s make you see the real face of everything – at times, the real farce of everything.

No One Will Know Any More than You Do

I have been trying to understand the logic behind getting older and wiser. It makes no sense to me. When you get older, your grey cells are supposed to shrink. Doesn’t justify what I hear them say. From the time I have been in my 10th grade, I know that no one knows more than I do. The ones who do repeat and rote the lessons, remember the Mission Impossible Theme? It says Life is a Lesson – You learn it when you’re through!

Romantic Relations are Hyped

20s are the ‘ideal’ age for most to tie the knot. Surprisingly, these are the years when you realize that romance is not the end objective. The notion of ‘being with someone’ contracts to ‘being someone’. Facebook friendships change to LinkedIn Preoccupations. Romance is snubbed by expediency. Irony – this is the age when you need love the most. Cause on a certain plane, you find yourself solitary.

Your Decisions are the Best Decisions

Whether you decide not to take an ex-lover back or to quit your boring job, your decisions are the ones that will make you the happiest. Compromise is not something that you should excuse yourself for. Turn a deaf ear to an advice that doesn’t appealling. Decisions based on opinions are as dangerous as half-knowledge – sometimes, both are suicidal.

The 6th commandment – do not let ego subdue your gratefulness for life. The 20s are your years to experiment on mixing freedom with responsibility. It’s your time to live every now and then and love every moment.

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