Why Flowers Bloom

Why Flowers Bloom

With a spell that never breaks, even if the plant dies, flowers add a charisma that comes straight from a Cocteau fantasy, only with a bit of thought going into your ‘flowers to grow’ pursuit. Just the process of planting a flower takes you back to the leisurely yet complex loops of nature and introduces you to the digging that goes in to sauté the tranquilly lyrical flowers.

Here is a visual ode to the beguiling flowers:

The mesmerizing lure of this red blossom amplifies in its mirror image in the serene waters!


 Sunflowers are a brilliant way of the nature to kiss a bright sunny day !

Far stretching meadows, spring season and fresh blossoms – the perfect ingredients of a good life!

Image Courtesy: noupe(dot)com

Rohit Raina
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