Five Wedding Functions And Five Unique Outfits For An Indian Groom

Five Wedding Functions And Five Unique Outfits For An Indian Groom

Gone are the days when the task of choosing an outfit for wedding functions was only for the brides and not grooms. Thanks to the Indian fashion designers, nowadays the groom wear market is brimming with endless choices. From colors to fabrics and silhouettes to textures – grooms just need to pick the outfit which suits their body type the best.

But how much we (and all the grooms) wish it was that easy! With so many options comes the biggest problem – CONFUSION. What should be worn and what should be left? Will it look good for the Mehndi ceremony or the wedding? Well, no worries our dear grooms for we have compiled a list of five outfits for five different functions which you can easily purchase from stores selling groom wear in Delhi.

Mehndi Function

The first wedding function will be the Mehandi ceremony where your hands and legs will be painted with stunning henna designs. The most appropriate outfit for this ceremony is Nehru Jacket with Kurta and Pajama/ Dhoti. If your legs and feet will be painted with henna then we recommend opting for a Dhoti because it can be easily lifted as compared to a Churidar Pajama. You can find an endless number of design and color options in jacket and kurta – floral print, embroidered fabric, Kurta with front drapes or symmetrical ends, etc.

Cocktail Night

Getting influenced by Western culture, couples have started organizing a cocktail night before the wedding to celebrate their final days of bachelor life. It will be a night filled with nonstop dancing, laughter, and endless drinks. For such event, brides usually opt for tea-cup gowns or LBD’s; so your dress needs to complement her outfit. The best choice is a slim-fitted blazer with ankle length trousers and shiny loafers – preferably all in black color. You will look handsome and will make your bride-to-be weak in her knees.

Ladies Sangeet

The night for which you have been visiting the dance classes and sweating out is finally here. The eyes of the guests will be on you and the fiance as you both will rock the stage with stylish moves. So the outfit needs to be worth a million bucks and you have two options for that – a tuxedo suit or an Indo-Western dress. Both the dresses are different and look handsome in their own space. While a tuxedo suit is more of a western pick, the Indo-western is perfect for grooms who like a mix of both traditional and modern.


The main day of the wedding ceremonies aka the marriage where you and the fiance will promise each other to love and care for eternity. The best outfit for this night is either a Sherwani or an Achkan. The former is traditional ethnic wear and was a favorite of Indian royals while the latter is a type of Sherwani with Mughal influence, and both the dresses look equally stunning.


The last function of the wedding ceremonies where you and the wifey will meet the wedding guests as a couple. For the wedding reception, you can opt for a well-fitted Jodhpurti suit and it will make you look like a royal descendant. The most important aspect which should be taken care of while choosing the suit is FITTING and it has to be nothing but the best. Nothing looks unflattering than an ill-fitted suit – the outfit should hug your body, arm’s length should be perfect, and the shoulder padding should be flawless. The best and the most preferred color for a Jodhpuri suit is black but with current fashion wave, grooms are opting for conventional fabrics as well like velvet (for winters) and floral prints (for summer).

We hope after going through the above information you have a clear picture of different outfits to try for different wedding functions. If you are seeking a shop to buy all these outfits then visit which is India’s most trusted online wedding market. On the website, you will find 1000+ groom wear shops which are registered from all over the country.

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