Five Tips for Moving with Friends

Five Tips for Moving with Friends

Moving is a part of life, and everybody needs to relocate due to reasons like job transfers, business transfer, higher studies, etc. Usually, people move to a new location individually or with their families. However, sometimes we need to move with friends for studies or jobs. 

Moving with friends requires a different type of preparation than moving with the family. This post shares five tips on how to make moving with friends easy and convenient. 

Hiring a mover or DIY moving.


The first step in moving with friends is to decide whether you want to move on your own or hire a mover. If you have plenty of belongings and stuff that you need to move, it is always best to hire a professional mover. If you choose to fire a moving company, make sure to do sufficient research to hire the right mover. 

Don’t just hire the first mover that appears on the top of the search results. Pick 3 to 5 reputed movers serving your area, and compare their prices and services. Then check their customer reviews and pick the one that has the most positive reviews and offers affordable prices. 

Start preparations early

Preparing for a move requires a few days or weeks, depending on the amount of preparation required. Usually, there are plenty of tasks that need to be done before moving to a new place. Therefore, it is always beneficial to start preparing as early as possible. Always start early and coordinate with your friends so that each one of them makes preparations for moving within the available time.

Label and photograph furniture parts and accessories

Make a list of all the belongings that you need to pack for your move. The list should include all those things that you need to carry from your home to the new location. Creating a list helps you to avoid the risk of missing any item. All the friends going to move together should create a list of all the things that they want to move to the new location.

Remove and secure all drawers and doors in advance. Also, identify drawers, cables, doors, and other items you need to remove from your current place. Place screws and nuts in plastic bags and tape them to the back of the cabinet.

When packing electronics, take a photo of the rear set up to remind you which cable goes and where. Take pictures of the furniture you take apart to put it back together. Also, be sure to label the doors, screws, and anything else you are taking apart.

Pack an essentials box

For every relocation, you should pack an essential box. If this is your first time moving into a new home, the first thing to do is not to unpack your clothes, wash your clothes, and go shopping. So making a box in advance is extremely helpful to use during the move. This box should contain all the essential items that you need to use immediately after arriving at your new location. The basic items that you should put in the essentials box are a set of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, documents, phone chargers, valuables, and some snacks to eat. 


If you think the worst part of the change is over, then you are only partially right. Unpacking can also be a stressful event, and the worst thing is that you have no time limit, so it takes many people weeks to fully unpack. Do not do this, do not live with a box in every room. Make a plan and pack through the box one by one until you are done.

If your new location requires cleaning, vacuuming, or wall painting, do so before opening the first package. Yes, you will definitely have to clean everything after throwing away any remaining supplies, but it will be much less troublesome, and if there are not too many things everywhere, the cleanup will be faster.

Final Words

Moving with friends is easier than moving with a family. You can coordinate with your friends and help each other to make preparations for your move. Whether you are moving from an Acreage Property or an Apartment, coordination with your friends will always make things easier. Following the tips in this post can make your move easy and hassle-free. 

Christie Lewis
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