Features a man should look for in a trimmer for an easy grooming routine

Features a man should look for in a trimmer for an easy grooming routine

Any man that practices an everyday grooming routine will agree that trimming, shaving and cleaning facial hair are some of the most important steps that they do not ever think of skipping.

Gone are the days when unkempt hair and a shabby beard were considered even the least bit acceptable; now, tidied-up, well-shaped, clean and pristine is infinitely more attractive and hence, also the new standard. 

However, having an easy and effortless grooming routine and achieving a clean, sharp look would not be possible without an efficient trimmer in your kit, would it?

It might be a widely assumed notion that a flawless look solely depends on your skills and expertise, but the truth is, a strong, high-quality, easy to use trimmer plays a vital role in the process.

It ensures that your trimming experience is smooth and less time-consuming, making it essential when it comes to grooming.

Here are five boxes that a trimmer should definitely tick before landing in your kit:

  • Long-lasting battery- A trimmer with an abysmally short battery life that keeps stopping mid grooming session will fail to give you the desired fresh, immaculate look and leave you frustrated every time. Hence, the very first thing you should check while browsing for a trimmer is its battery life and how long it takes to charge. You can go for any Nova trimmer as they generally last more than 60-90 minutes and take only an hour to charge, which is within the ideal time range.
  • High-Quality blades- You will surely come across a lot of sub-par, cheap blades that will cause lasting infections at worst and small cuts at best; simply avoid those. Always go for stainless steel or platinum coated blades. They are highly durable, which will save you the money and effort of having to replace them every other month. Additionally, they are light, easy to clean, rust-resistant and safe to be used on all skin types. 
  • Strong body – One of the main reasons why most men fail to trim their beards smoothly is the weird shape of some trimmers that are available in the market. They are aesthetically pleasing but extremely counterproductive when it comes to graspability, resulting in mishaps. The slightly arched, metallic body of a Nova trimmer allows excellent grip and an effortless trimming experience. Pick something similar.
  • Wide cutting area- A wide mouth or a wide cutting area will allow you to achieve every look you have in mind with the utmost precision. Each stroke will neatly shave or trim a broad area, shortening the process considerably and saving a fair amount of your time. Browse the market thoroughly until you find something that fits this description as perfectly as a Nova trimmer does. 
  • Various length settings- Trimmers that have a maximum of 2 length settings are ancient and outdated. Buying them is as good as buying a razor. A minimum of 4 length settings is a must in order to allow yourself the freedom of experimentation. You will be able to create not just clean-shaved and stubble-ey looks but also more daring and versatile beard lengths and styles.

A well-groomed beard and primly maintained hair not only promote personal hygiene and keep any kind of unpleasantness caused by bacteria at bay but also boost your morale and make you look approachable and even younger by a few years.

And this, without a doubt, helps you create unforgettable first impressions, build better relations and move forward with unwavering confidence. We hope this list helps you make the most suitable choice!

Rohit Raina
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