How a Father Teaches his Son to Respect Women

How a Father Teaches his Son to Respect Women

Ever wonder why some boys grow up with respect for women, while others seem to have none?

father teaches son to respect women


There’s definitely a difference in men who grew up around a father that respected women, and those who didn’t. As the son of a hardworking, respectful man who led by example, I learned to respect women from an early age. My father believed in the philosophy that more is caught than taught. He respected my mother greatly, and treated all women with the dignity and respect that I have for them today.

Fathers who Respect the Mothers of their Children

Perhaps the most important thing a father can do to teach their son to respect women, is treat the child’s mother with respect in their daily home life. Men who abstain from scolding their wives over perceived infractions such as shrunken laundry, burnt dinners and lapses in schedules, really communicate the value of patience in their homes. If your father berates your mother over every ‘nagging’ line of questions or uncleaned mess, it’s going to set a poor example for your future marriage. Open the car door for your wife, take her coat and make her coffee or breakfast in the morning. Not only will you be respecting your wife, but you’ll be teaching by example.

Treat Women as Equals

Women, whether wives, family members, or friends should be viewed as equals, not subordinates. Respect begins with this simple philosophy. Fathers who want to leave the impression on their sons that woman deserve equal respect will led by example in their interactions with women. If you’re at the auto parts store, and the cashier is a woman, ask her for the advice you need. Don’t let your son see you ask for a male, or ‘supervisor’, lest he will grow up assuming women are less skilled or knowledgeable.

Be a Gentleman in Front of Your Son

Fathers teach their sons to respect women by always being gentleman. When you have your sons out shopping, running errands or grabbing lunch, there will be ample opportunities to interact with various women in front of them. Children learn more by seeing than by being lectured. Treat your waitress with manners, keep a calm demeanor when resolving business issues and speaking to female managers. Even if you’re a single father, you can teach your sons the proper way to speak to women you’re interested in. Instead of ‘cat-calling,’ show your son how to politely approach a woman with ‘Hi, How’s your day going.”

The best way a father can teach his son to respect women is to practice what they preach. Small gestures make large impressions on growing minds, and when your son sees you holding the door for a stranger and giving your subway seat up for the pregnant lady they will surely take note. I appreciate that my father always kept these values to be sacred and taught me to respect women. I know my wife appreciates it as well, and my two young boys will grow up in the same kind of environment. Thanks for giving this article a read, and next time you see an opportunity to impart the value of respect for women on your son, please take advantage of it. They will thank you when they are grown men. If you have any other fatherhood tips please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you!

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