College-cool: Fashion trends to stay hip and happening in 2021-22

College-cool: Fashion trends to stay hip and happening in 2021-22

Fashion has a place everywhere. Many youngsters are enthusiastic about following fashion styles these days. When stepping into college, girls and boys wish to influence their friends. Youngsters at college enjoy being up-to-date with the latest trends, trying their best to look good. This makes fashion one of the most discussed topics amongst students, and the coming year is going to see hot discussions on 2022 fashion trends and tips.

It’s not surprising to know that it’s much easier to make friends if you have good taste in clothes and accessories. One of the foremost reasons driving students towards the latest fashion trends is the need to look attractive. Therefore, they often take advantage of fashion to charm people around them. It usually works when you style up according to the newest fashion! 

As the landscape keeps altering and adapting, keeping up with the newest fashion styles for college is vital. To help you stay in touch with the latest fashion for college, we have outlined some trends that will keep your style game going strong. 

Causal Jackets and Blazers 

These days, stylish jackets, cardigans and blazers need to be part of every fashionista’s collection. There are many recent variations, such as traditional tailoring blazers, denim shirt jackets or quilted coats. College students can wear elongated blazers resembling shortened coats to add a trendy touch to their outfits. Other than that, you can kick the style off with a black denim strong-shouldered vest that you can top with absolutely anything. 

With such a wide variety of choices available, deciding which one best suits your personality can get stressful. To stand out from the crowd, add customized jackets to your wardrobe. You can order them from sites such as at wholesale price. It will be designed according to your requirements and may include any popular team’s emblem or mascot patch. Wearing customized jackets allows you to flaunt your fashion ideas, highlighting your personality and making you look unique. 

Classy Jeans 

Various denim styles have tried to overthrow flared bottoms. Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and kick flares have all been worthy rivals of the bootcut trend. However, all these efforts were in vain as the bootcut is back on the rack! It’s back in trend to relieve your calves and boost your self-confidence so you can think about tucking in tops once again. Pair them with some sneakers or even stylish converse shoes while heading out for college. 

Besides that, straight jeans are in trend too. This time, the look is slim and straight, rising to the waist. The straight, high-rise jean is an excellent time to try denim on denim. If you are leaving your shirt tucked out, make sure to roll the sleeves up and complement the look with a neckpiece and rings. 

Elegant Footwear

The times of wearing sky-high heels to colleges are long gone, and dainty kitten heels might be here over the extended catch. While keeping up with trends is vital, your college footwear needs to be comfortable and weather-friendly. You might want to switch to sneakers from dainty sandals in winter. Colorful retro sneakers have taken daily shoe wear to the next level. Even though white sneakers are a staple in every student’s wardrobe, adding more shade and detailing to your sneaker collection would be cool. 

Besides that, dad sandals, pumps and ballet flats are also great options. Make a trendy image by pairing them with accentuating socks. Moreover, whether cowboy boots are in leather or metallic silver, they continue to be a style statement. Too early for boots or sneakers? Pair your outfit with chunky loafers! Along with giving an overall timeless look, these pair of shoes will certainly not fail to stand out from the crowd. 

Stylish Bags 

When it’s time to make a statement, let your bag handle it. If you don’t want to carry a bulky backpack, look for a sleek one with a top handle, making it trendy yet easy to carry. Besides that, the trend of carrying tote bags is back too. It also has enough space to hold all your essentials for classes. Another investment piece is a leather messenger bag, which you can use not just for college but also for work purposes. 

Moreover, one of the most “seen” looks this season is the fringing added to bags. The tassels swing close to the cloth, ensuring to turn some heads. For a classic vibe, choose shades of brown and black. However, if you want your bag to stand out, try bold colors like orange or green.

Trending Accessories 

Wearing the right accessories can uplift even the most basic outfits, making it essential to know the ins and outs of the latest accessory styles. You must have come across rose gold and regular gold accessories. But this year, be ready to put on some chocolate metallic gold earrings! Metallic jewels that resemble a chocolate bar are hip n happening this year, and undoubtedly, the style looks sleek and classy. 

Inspired by a year of DIY creation, chunky clay rings have taken over everyone’s Instagram feed lately. These look best when paired with multiple rings in different colors and fun nail arts. Besides that, youngsters have seen to rock their outfits with cool hair accessories such as fancy scrunchies or dainty claw clips. During the quarantine phase, everyone wore their hair either in a bun or a ponytail. But now is the time to get back into the habit of putting more effort into styling our hair. Fortunately, silk headbands and hair ties now make it simple to uplift even the low-style hairstyles. 

Final Thoughts 

From loose-fitting clothes to wearing velvet scrunchies as an accessory, the trends in fashion continue to change and evolve. Everyone wants to make a great first impression when heading off to college, and fashion plays a vital role here. Highlight your sense of style by wearing clothes that show off your personality and individuality. While it’s important to keep up with what’s in and what’s not, make sure you have a unique style that makes you stand out. 

Christie Lewis
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