Make Yourself Fall Out of Love, Instantly

Make Yourself Fall Out of Love, Instantly

Disclaimer: This article is for anyone – male or female – who feels that their entire world has become a picture painted in rosy shades, shimmering gift wraps sealed by blotches of lipsticks, and never-ending ‘ILUs’. The love-struck who need to see the light of the every day life, and are desperate to scratch up to single-hood again may take a cue!

So you’ve been hooked up for quite a long time to realize that love just happened to cross your way, and that it was meant to do just that – cross your way. Your luck: it managed to circumnavigate your existence for quite a while and rock your world with a good dose of romance and an unexpected amount of action. Your bad: it managed to stay and made a puppet out of you instead.

The tables have turned now! You are the one drooling and charming. You are the one circumnavigation love now – guarding it from heading straight out of your life. But there is a sense of realization that you will get tired of mindless meandering one day. Now that you feel like pulling back and getting back on track, you slow down a bit.

Stay Away From Luring Fragrances: That, and from anything that reminds you of the lingering aroma of amour. Scented candles, tempting chocolates, lurking deodorants – keep them all out of your sight and smell. Concentrate on the unattractive – olive oils, trash cans, smelly boots – anything unpleasant would do. Try smelling like beer, if possible.

 Keeping Options ‘Open’: Don’t confuse this with flings, but don’t take them any more seriously than options. It will be a little difficult to get the hang of being available in bits and pieces initially – that said – it’s THE thing you wanted, right? Being just a bit available, not committed.

 Look a Little More than Fat: Now this is a trick that would have formerly worked for a woman who wanted to break-off. Luckily, the men can rely an extra few kilos to kick off some of the heaviest baggage from their life. Trust your ever increasing belly to knock you out off a relationship at the speed of light.

 For those who have been the mouse of the trap on and off, might be smart enough to understand the vagaries of being stuck…but what if the bait is too tempting to let go? That’s a story for another day…for now, let’s keep ourselves concerned with taking a leap of faith and falling out of love.

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