11 Not-So-Known Facts About Mukesh Ambani’s Home, Antilia

11 Not-So-Known Facts About Mukesh Ambani’s Home, Antilia

Mukesh Ambani has been the flag-bearer of India’s billionaires from quite some time now, and with his current net worth valuing at US $50 billion, the dethronement is least likely. One of the testaments to his super-rich status is Antilia, the 27-story home of the Ambani family. Here are a few facts about Antilia that you may not have read elsewhere:

  1. Antilia is located at Altamount Road. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, well, it happens to be one of the most expensive streets in the world. This quashes certain media reports that had claimed that Mukesh Ambani built his paradise over the ruins of slums.

2. The house is built over a 49,000-square-foot plot and extends to a height of 550 feet.

3. Ceilings of several floors at Antilia are double-heighted, thus making its height approximately equal to the height of a standard building of 45 floors.

4. When chores of the day take their toll, Ambanis like to rejuvenate at the in-house spa.

5. Antilia is named after the mythical Atlantic island of Antillia6. Antilia boasts of its own hanging garden that apart from adding a colourful splendor also save energy and keep the interiors of the house cool.

7. Ambanis got built a huge garage inside Antilia. The garage spans across several floors and it can park as many as 170 cars.

8. Ambanis also like to travel skywards from their house’s terrace only, which contains no less than three helipads.

9. For the partying needs of the family or for hosting public events, Antilia also boasts of a lavish ballroom. To make guests feel at home (rather to let them have an out-of-the-world experience), Antilia has guest suites that are adorned with luxury features. For entertainment purposes, the house also has a theatre with a seating capacity of 50 people.

10. Each floor boasts of different designs and materials used for construction.

11. The ritzy lobby inside the house contains nine elevators for the take guests and family navigate through the house.

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