6 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Floor Scale

6 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Floor Scale

Floor scales are widely used in industries for weighing raw materials, finished products, and packages. They are used at various stages of the supply chain in production units, warehouses, and logistics units. 

However, the requirements of every business are different, and they need a unique scale to address those requirements. For example, a fishing company requires waterproof scales while a steel company does not require waterproof but a durable, heavy-duty scale. 

However, there are some standard factors that every business can consider while planning to buy a floor scale. Here are the five factors to consider before investing in a floor scale. 

Weighing Requirements

The weighing requirements of every business are different, and various types of floor scales are available for every type of weighing requirement. So, every business needs to know what it is going to do with the floor scale. Does it want it for laboratory testing, quality assurance, manufacturing products, or shipping and receiving? For example, a warehouse or logistics business uses a floor scale for receiving and shipping packages. A manufacturing unit uses it to weigh raw materials and products at various stages of production. 

Size of the weighing platform

The weighing platform of the scale should be large enough to accommodate the product of packages you want to weigh. Moreover, the location where you want to install the floor scale should be sufficient to accommodate the weighing platform. Also, the size of products or packages to be weighed should not be more than one-third of the weighing platform. 

Standard weights

Some business requires specific units of weight for measurements like grams, ounces, pounds or grains. The present-day electronic floor scales offer a wide variety of scales in different measurement units. So, businesses and industries can buy the right floor scale that offers measurement in the required units. Some floor scales come with multiple weighing units that users can switch using the keys given on the control panel of the scale. 

Reliability and Accuracy

The most important that you need to consider while buying a floor scale is its reliability and accuracy. It should be made up of high-quality materials and components to offer enhanced uptime and productivity. To get the best results from a floor scale, choose the one that offers the highest precision and durability. To ensure reliability and accuracy, ask the retailer about the manufacturer’s warranty. Scales that come with a warranty are precise and durable. 


The floor scale should suit the accessibility needs of your business. Whether you want a fixed installation or a movable solution, the scale you choose must satisfy these requirements. If you want a movable scale, it should be movable without drilling holes in the floor or mounting clamps. Sometimes, a business needs to move the scale for cleaning of the production floor and some other reasons. It means users should be able to move and use the scale in the area without any problems. 

Know the maintenance costs

The initial purchase price of a floor scale is one of the least important concerns, as a floor scale is a tool you should expect to have in the coming years. Buying a cheap but low quality floor scale may cost a business more than an expensive scale in repairs and maintenance.

When examining floor scales, consider how much you will have to spend on maintenance and repair if something goes wrong. Do not hesitate to ask suppliers this question. It is assumed that many are not built to last and require ongoing maintenance to maintain their effectiveness.

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Final Words

These were some important factors that every business must consider while buying a floor scale. Analyzing your requirements is the most important factor. Reliability and accuracy play a vital role as well. Also, look for manufacturer warranty and maintenance cost as maintenance is essential to keep the scales working perfectly for years to come. Considering these factors can help any business to buy the right floor scale for weighing their products. 

Christie Lewis
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