Now that’s a coup, but not quite a heist. With what is Facebook’s biggest auction right on this date, it is paying nothing less than $19 billion for acquiring the new kid-sensation on the block, What’s app.

For those with their ears to the ground, and those who have simply no enthusiasm for technology, Whats App is a Smartphone application that boasts of close to 500million monthly users. Why is it so popular? Because it lets people avoid the SMS charges by giving them a mean to instant chat with their buddies on their phone using just an Internet connection.

Coming back to acquisition, Mark Zuckerberg finds Whats app incredibly valuable. We don’t doubt that apparently, but, $19 billion for god’s sake!

It wasn’t long ago when Facebook dropped $1 billion to buy Instagram, and there was a whole lot of hublaboo everywhere! What do you call this, then?

For the Indian audience looking to convert in into rupees: 1182370000000.00 Rupees is what Mark Zuckerberg is spending


Here is the deal

The acquisition contract includes Facebook paying $4bn in cash and around $12 billion through its shares. The rest of the figure, $3 billion, will go in stock to the founders of WhatsApp.

“We’re excited and honoured to partner with Mark and Facebook as we continue to bring our product to more people around the world,” said WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum.

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