Facebook Annoyers: Do You Have Them Too?

Facebook Annoyers: Do You Have Them Too?

It’s the latest breaking news in the ‘books race. 61% of the users have openly spoken about how they have shut theirs for weeks.

While many are *in general* tired of social media and the brouhaha that surrounds it, others are plainly agonized by some appalling categories that have spawned exactly for the reason why Facebook exists – TO SHARE. Now, while its purpose was never to emerge as a 24*7 personalized live update platform, to a large extent it has (unfortunately) been (mis) used that way. I don’t know whether there is a real reason why people share what they share on their profile but it can get downright annoying sometimes to have deal with the following types: 

The Brace Yourself Types: These are the bunch who will keep giving you constant reminders about the “what will be”. Come Valentines and they will scribble a status on how its time to look forward to the pinks and reds. Not that there is something wrong in but; but guys everyone does not suffer from short-term memory loss.

    (Image Courtesy: blog.desertrose.net)

The Buggers: Never let the green light flash on (read: online mode) when these are around. There constant “alohas”, “namastes” and “holas” will get quite interfering after a time. Sure, they are only looking for developing a so called comfort level, but some of them don’t take long to cross the border-line.

The Photo ‘Graphers’: They’ll like them, share them, track their ‘hit’ rate and keep uploading more. If there was a graph to gauge photo popularity, they would be the early adopters of that technology. They may not have a single status update but they will have an assortment of photographs on their profiles. Typical attention mongers they will even share them on their “friends” walls. Somehow they’ll manage to win enough likes for an ego boost.

The Chain-Messengers: “Please Share” with these words they will begin the saga. Since they want to address the world, they are smart enough to add multiple friends on the same message. Alas! Most of their stories go unheard. Worse still, they are never able to get across the message in time. Dudes! What’s your wall for? 

The Errrmahgawwwds: ‘Oh my god’ Rain, OMG earthquake, Errrrmahgawwd apoclypse” – not impressive! Does this kind have a way to save the world from natural calamities? That would have made their updates useful!

Agreed and accepted that no two people will use Facebook in exactly the same manner. Acknowledged, that people will keep sharing their “wine and caviar” experiences with aplomb. But guys, moderation is a good old key that still works.




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