20 Expert Grooming Tips for Men: Change Your Routine to Look Handsome

20 Expert Grooming Tips for Men: Change Your Routine to Look Handsome

Contrary to popular belief, guys want to look just as good as women do. Thus, grooming tips and rules for men have started to pop up all around us.

The grooming industry used to be a female dominated industry predominantly as grooming and other forms of fanciful care was mostly done by women.

But, times have changed and no longer do we have a world that is divided into a fanciful one for women and a less fanciful one for the men. The emergence of an androgynous generation has inspired men to pay attention to grooming as a trend to adopt and enjoy. 

It seems that skin care companies are finally beginning to catch on to this fact as well, given the insane amount of beard oils, natural shave creams and high-quality moisturizers aimed at the well-groomed man.

If you’re new to the world of men’s grooming, all the well-meaning advice and grooming products being thrust at you can be incredibly overwhelming. With so much to learn, where do you even start?

Don’t worry! Plenty of guys have been in your exact shoes. By making only a few small changes to your grooming routine, you can start looking more confident and handsome in no time.

At the end of the day, you need to have a clear-eyed idea of what comprises a well-groomed man. A well-groomed man is someone who takes good care of himself while balancing his day-to-day life.

He would make sure that he won’t leave home without making sure that he looks perfect inside out. Staying groomed is not an art but a habit that takes the time to imbibe in your personality and you have to be religious about doing the same without any failure.

Grooming tips for men so that they know how to look good

However, these habits just might bite you in the butts if you’re not paying attention to them causing a lot more damage than anything. Just to save you from being bitten in the back, we’ve laid down aspects that contribute to staying groomed.

Therefore, we present some grooming tips for men that can help you look bright, feel bright and let you have positive skin results which are worth being complemented.

The dos and don’ts of men’s grooming rules are something every man needs to follow to be the best-groomed versions of themselves all day long.

Read on.

Hair is good – but not everywhere

Grooming tips for men so that they know how to look good

We’re okay with the stubble and are absolutely in favor of the hair on the head, but what about the ones growing out of your nose and almost merging with the mustache?

What about the ones coming out of your ears? And, what about those on your eyebrows that look spiky and pointy?

Yeah, let’s not go all crazy with hair. Cleaning them is what is the basis of where you need to get started. Clean them up.

Find a Good Barber

If you’re still getting your hair cut at the strip mall, that needs to change immediately. Though a strip mall hair cut may be affordable, it’s not doing your hair any favors.

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

You need—scratch that, deserve—to get your hair cut and trimmed by a barber who is skilled with clippers and straight razors. A good barber can recommend a haircut based on your face shape, giving you the opportunity to finally move away from your go-to haircut that’s been doing zilch for your appearance.

To find a good barber, ask your friends for recommendations and be sure to read plenty of reviews before you set foot in the door. Lastly, keep in mind that your barber isn’t a magician. Help them understand the look you’re going for by being as specific as possible.

Nails need to be trimmed and cleaned

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

Until and unless you’re the wicked witch what we also call as the ‘warlock’, growing nails is not your forte. What you need to do is – keep them short and clean.

After all, you won’t be applying nail paints on the same and flaunt them like women do, so you need to make sure that what shows off needs to be spick and span.

You can even buff them to make sure they aren’t pointy after being trimmed.

Get Your Own Skin Care Products.

Guys, you need to stop using your girl’s skin care products. They aren’t as effective as you might think, and here’s why: Men and women have substantial differences in their skin. 

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

Apart from having facial hair, guys have several important physiological differences in their skin. According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science, some of these differences include how much we sweat, our hair growth, the pH of our skin and even how prone we are to skin cancer and disease.

Put simply, you need to use a skin care system for men and leave your girl’s skin care products alone. Not only will you be more likely to stick to a routine this way, you’ll also notice a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.

Use a cleansing soap for a regular basis

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

Your face is your identity and it is your bounded duty to make sure that it looks good. Not that we’re asking you to apply makeup, but the basic cleaning is all what your face needs on an everyday basis.

Use a gentle cleanser face-wash that is compatible with your skin type and rub it gently across your face and neck to get the best results.

Consider Shaving in the Shower.

There is an on-going debate (although, it’s not much of a debate if you ask us) about whether guys should shave before or after they shower. Of course, most guys know that shaving after they shower is far superior, but what about shaving in the shower?

When you shave in the shower, the pores of your skin will remain open due to the constant presence of the steam. As you probably know, soft skin and open pores is key to obtaining a close shave without an irritating experience. If you want to try this shaving method, just be sure to buy a fog-free shower mirror first to avoid any nasty cuts and nicks.

Swap Out Your Sun Tanning Oil for Sunscreen.

Who doesn’t want to use tanning oil to achieve a healthy-looking glow for the summer? We’ll tell you who: Guys who don’t want skin cancer.

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

According to the latest statistics compiled by the American Academy of Dermatology, an estimated 4,740 men will die from melanoma this year alone—nearly twice as many deaths as women (2,490). This is just a small glimpse of the alarming skin cancer statistics that are making guys put down their tanning lotions in favor of sunscreen.

Applying sunscreen to your body and a daily moisturizer with SPF to your face will not only help reduce your risk of skin cancer, it will also prevent premature aging. If you want to age gracefully, making this swap sooner rather than later is key to maintaining healthy, ageless skin.

Add an Eye Cream to Your Routine. 

You’re not getting any younger, and that’s the simple truth. If you want to turn back time on your face, adding a men’s eye cream to your daily routine is crucial to retaining your youthful good looks.

Eye creams for men are formulated to combat crow’s feet (the wrinkles around your eyes), fight puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Specifically, seek out an eye cream containing peptides, which are powerful strings of amino acids that boost collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.

Keep Your Hair Clean, But Don’t Overwash 

Grooming can get excessive, this is a mistake most men make, because of the daily ritual involved as a form of general hygiene: the ritual of bathing, brushing our teeth and much more. 

Many have done damage to the quality of their hairs and beards because they made the mistake of washing their hairs at the same rate at which they clean the rest of their bodies. 

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

This is a big no-no, while it is essential to keep the hair clean, it is equally important to not over wash the hair as over washing fades the hairs natural color and affects the hairs texture because of the chemicals in bathing soaps.

Break Up with Your Hair Gel

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

Want to get the best hair of your life? Of course, you do. For this to happen, you need to break up with your strong hold hair gel. Yes, we do understand that a lot of grooming tips for men guides would include gel as an important ingredient to looking good, but there is more to it than that. About time to switch to a hair care product that actually does something for your hair.

From pomades to waxes, there are a lot of hair care products to choose from. To find the right one for you, consider your hairstyle and the texture of your hair.

If you’re rocking some long, wavy locks, swap your hair gel for a wax/paste to give it a smooth and controlled finish. For a short/medium hairstyle with a coarse texture, find yourself a pomade with low shine (just be careful of the dreaded pomade acne).

Also, the hair gel may be handy sometimes in styling your hair, but at the same time, they make the hair greasy. The problem multiplies itself during monsoons. The humid weather of monsoon adds to the trouble. The dirt may stick to the scalp leading to hair fall and even worse dandruff. The dandruff is one of an inevitable problems of the monsoon season. So, refrain from applying gel on your hair during monsoon especially. Just massage the scalp with hair oil an hour before shampooing and your hairdo will turn heads.

Use Natural Facial Scrubs

Facial beauty products might be the in-thing now, but the secret to a flawless face does not lie in the best facial product in the market but in the least thought about substances stocked away in your kitchen: sugar and coffee.

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

While a cup of steaming coffee may be a perfect way to start your day, they can actually give you a brighter and clearer face when used as homemade natural facial scrubs.

It is high time you dump the facial scrub and jump on the coffee or sugar scrub technique. 

Take Advantage Of Cosmetics

No grooming tips for men guidebook can be complete without cosmetics, now can it? You may have tried exfoliating with an original homemade recipe but you sure will need to cleanse and moisturize, and this is when the several cosmetic products available for men comes in.

Men’s cosmetics are of two categories: toners and lotions and they are all easy to access and easy to use, and they deliver the best of results either for scrubbing, moisturizing, cleansing or even skin brightening.

Lip Balms Are For Everyone

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

For men just making an entry into the manscaping business, ignoring their chapped lips is a common feature, because many see lip balms as an entirely female beauty item.

This is absolutely false as lip balms both colorless and colored are more protective in function than aesthetic and should be an essential item for a man that cares for his lips being chap-free, blister-free and totally healthy.

Tweezers Are For Those Hard To Get Hairs

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

Finally, tweezers are for getting rid of those peeping hair strands in your nostrils, and for the extra-finicky man, tweezers are just perfect for your brows which are out of shape, and tweezing is an essential rule for grooming for every man worth his salt. Bear in mind that any grooming tips or routine for men is incomplete without tweezers.

Use a High-Quality Beard Oil.

There is nothing worse than a frizzy, untamed beard—except for maybe beard dandruff, that is. Fortunately, applying a high-quality beard oil to your facial hair can help solve both problems while giving your facial hair some serious finesse.

Beard oil is one of those grooming products you didn’t know you needed until you use it for the first time. After just one use, your beard hair will go from spiky and irritating to soft and luscious. If your beard is thick enough to where it completely covers your skin, investing in a natural beard oil will be a game changer for both your beard and the skin underneath.

Keep your below the belt clean

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

You might think why would someone care about the below the belt when it is not even visible on the outside. Well, it is always not important f it shows or not, but the grooming on the personal level matters more.

This way you can say that no mens underwear styles are visible, why to even wear them? The probable reason to this is – because whether it shows or not, it does its work of supporting.

Likewise, cleaning the hair follicles down there keeps you feeling clean as well as making you sweat less and help you look good for the special times.

Deodorant – less is more for you

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

Smelling good is everyone’s birth right, but men take it too seriously. Applying two to three sprays on the desired area would be enough for you to smell good but spraying more than that can choke someone badly.

Choose the one that complements your body smell and will stay with you for long hours.

Shave better but slowly

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

If you aren’t doing it with caution, you might just hurt yourself. Shaving needs all the focus and tricks that give you a closer and cleaner shave without having cuts and bruises everywhere.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to shaving your face, armpits and even below the belt.

Always Use Shaving Blades That Are In Good Condition 

Grooming tips and routine for men to help men know how to look good

A well-groomed man should look sharp and smart, but most times razor burns, bumps, rashes and razor cuts can occur if the razor or clippers are blunt or in terrible conditions. 

Razor burns are skin irritations which occurs when blades are either too dull or too sharp but generally when razors are in terrible shape or when a shaving area is dry because a lubricant/moisturizer in the form of shaving cream is not applied,

The best way to avoid this is to dispose of old and blunt razors, shave carefully and apply shaving lotion when appropriate this rule is, therefore, one that shouldn’t be ignored.

For Your Beard and Other Places With Hair

Grooming or Manscaping as it is sometimes called is the act of cleaning, trimming and maintaining parts of the body: especially the parts with hairs, this practice can involve the use of brushes, beard clippers and of course beauty products and just like every regimen it has certain dos and don’ts. 

Wrapping Up

A lot of guys who want to look better simply don’t know where to begin. The sheer number of products and endless grooming advice can paralyze them with indecision, resulting in zero progress to their appearance.

If this scenario sounds familiar, stop feeling pressured to do a drastic overhaul of your entire grooming regimen. Instead, start small with these simple and realistic upgrades to your routine. Soon enough, you’ll see a marked improvement in your overall look with little effort on your part.

Rohit Raina
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