Everything You Need to See When Exploring London

Everything You Need to See When Exploring London

Fancy a spot of tea? So you’re going to London, across the pond, as they say. Be sure to bring your wellies, extra jumpers, and some biscuits for the trip. London is an extraordinary city that has been around and metamorphosing for two millennia. We’re here to tell you everything you need to see between visits with the queen and what magical places are through the London fog.

Hyde Park

This is definitely the most famous park in the UK. Constantly teeming with action in the legendary Speaker’s Corner or paddling along with swans this park has at least a day’s worth of activities! Containing two large bodies of water and home to dozens of live events each week makes this spot a very lively option for any trip across the pond. 

River Thames

Go cruising down the river! The river Thames is what London was built on and is a fun way to see the city in a different way. Depending on the time of year you plan your visit means there are many different ways to cruise, fine dining, a movie cruise, or a concert performance, you choose!

Marble Arch

This feat of modern architecture should always make a Londoners list. Standing at 45 feet high and completely faced with Carrara stone, makes this sight one to behold. Built in the 1800s this arch modeled after the Arc De Triomphe in Paris sits in the center of one of London’s most fashionable intersections and is sure to wow the most discerning architect. 


Photo by Adrian Dorobantu

This department store, built in 1824 is a sure sign that you’ve made it. Catering to the upper crust of Londoners, Harrods has been an institution for almost 200 years, calling Sir Oscar Wilde and the Royal Family customers. Spend the day here wandering through beautiful trinkets and eating at one of the cafes inside this massive building. If you don’t get a workout, your credit card surely will.

Take Your Shopping Elsewhere

If Harrods was overwhelming try Oxford street, one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world. There is everything with over 300 shops and over 500,000 customers each day, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here then it probably doesn’t exist, but you can still check the Lyhpa website. If you’re itching to indulge, making way to Bond street AKA the most expensive shopping district in London is a quick trip off Oxford and has a wide array of designer goods.

Explore Shoreditch

Probably the trendiest part of London right now. Shoreditch has a huge variety of clubs, restaurants, and hotels all recently revamped to make this new hotspot glow. Check out one of its many themed restaurants for a memorable meal and make your way out dancing to let off some steam. 

The O2 

Built in celebration of the new millennium this is the premier destination for live acts coming through London. There are many things to do in the O2 other than see a performance. Drop into one of the many bars or restaurants to sample worldly cuisine or take a tour by walking on top of the dome and taking a hanging railcar back to London, this should make an appearance on every tourist’s list. 


Formerly the city’s red light district, SoHo is now a popular nightlife destination. The center of LGBTQ life in London, SoHo is a bustling area full of bars, clubs, live music, and the occasional sex shop. Planning your nights here would be fun but this neighborhood also offers fun in the sun with great people watching, small cafes and bakeries, and great music shops!


If you want a taste of London punk, then look no further than Camden. Located in North London, Camden is and has been the epicenter for alternative culture and punk rock since the 70s. Tons of vintage shops for books, clothes, and anything else you could want, there are also many tattoo shops and piercing studios so you can come home with more than a new outfit!

Westminster and the London Eye

Two iconic London landmarks, Westminster is the seat of politics in London and is open to the public most days. Here, you’ll find the world famous Big Ben located in the bell tower as well as Westminster Abbey. Take a tour and learn about the history of this long lasting structure.

The London Eye is about as synonymous to London as the Statue of Liberty is to New York. A centerpiece of the London skyline, the Eye offer stunning views of the city and can offer rides privately or be a great way to meet other travelers. Either way a great way to get a bird’s eye view.

London is a gorgeous city full of history and beauty, both old and new, making a trip won’t be difficult as there are hundreds of fun and exotic things to do and see. Just make sure you’re not late for tea!

Rohit Raina
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