Essential Swimsuit Guide To Find The Best Look For Every Shape

Essential Swimsuit Guide To Find The Best Look For Every Shape

When thinking about visiting Australia, the first pictures that come to mind are the country’s long stretches of beaches and fantastic diving spots. Australia is a hotly pursued tourist destination for the fact that it houses the largest coral reef in the world called the Great Barrier Reef. It’s hardly a surprise that tourists from across the planet earth are looking (and saving up) to spend their own sweet time frolicking under the sun and enjoy the different water activities the country has to offer. Some of the most popular destinations where people can lounge around the beach and wear the best swimwear Australia has to offer include the Bondi Beach in New South Wales, the Lizard Island in Queensland, the Cable Beach in West Australia, and Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.

If you plan to enjoy the sands and waters of these beaches, it almost goes without saying that you must wear the appropriate swimming attire that could both look good and feel good on your body. However, if there is a knowledge gap as to which style of swimsuit is likely to look good as per your body shape, here’re some options you can choose from. 

Bikini for girls with fuller butt

For Small Chest

Women with smaller breasts usually find it hard to look for a swimwear that will flatter their chest area. But they can still make that area of their body look bigger by going for swimsuit tops that come with ruffles or layered embellishments. It will provide an illusion of having a larger chest. They may also look for a swimsuit with padding to fill up their upper body.  

For Fuller Breast

Bikini for girls with fuller breasts

Finding swimsuits for bigger women can also become challenging since some styles can get uncomfortable if they have larger breasts. To protect and secure this area, they should avoid string bikinis and tiny triangle-shaped tops.

Instead, they need to look for swimsuit tops that come with underwire and full cup sizes. They should also look for swimming tops from shops that sell swimwear in Australia that have double-stitched bands and thicker straps for better protection.  

Athletic Body

Athletic girl in a polka dots bikini

Women who have an athletic body type need an illusion to appear curvy for a more feminine look. They can achieve it by picking swimmers with padded tops and well-defined cups. It must also come in bright colours and feminine prints to cover the boyish figure.

As much as possible, they should veer away from getting boy-cut briefs or one-piece suits with no shapes since these styles will only highlight their shape. 

Short Torso

To elongate a naturally short torso, women must find swimwear that will help them look longer and lift their bustline. It means they should invest in low-rise bottoms that could provide an illusion of a longer torso then match it with halter straps that can help draw the attention to their shoulders and neck.

Tiny swimsuit tops may also help provide an elongated look for the midsection. 

Protruding Tummy

Some women are not comfortable with their tummy pouch, although this is entirely normal. While their overall body is generally slim, some women have a mommy pooch or what the doctors usually call the diastasis recti. They can conceal these by looking for swimwear designs that come with peplums to hide the stomach. They may also look for a one-piece suit with a low plunging neckline to highlight the upper portion of the body and keep the focus away from the mid-section. 


Wearing the right kind of swimwear that fits your body’s natural shape will make it easier for you to enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches. It will also help you do your favorite water sports without worrying about your looks and feeling conscious all the time. So make sure that you will invest in the appropriate kind of swimwear that will look great on your body. 

Christie Lewis
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