Essential Components of a Dab Rig

Essential Components of a Dab Rig

Dab rigs look similar to bong pipes but have a different purpose. The dab rigs are used to vaporize concentrates or oil of any substance, whereas bongs are used to smoke flowers or tobacco. They are also known as oil rigs, concentrate pipes, or vapor rigs. It functions like a bong because the water chambers filter the vapors and the smoke for much smoother inhalation. 

To an amateur, dab rigs may seem complicated, unlike a bong, there are many more tools and equipment required to get started. This upfront investment in such equipment and how to use them may overwhelm some people. However, there are plenty of dabbing starter kit available in the market wherein all the tools you need are provided to you in a bundled package. 

Once you figure out the whole dabbing process, it becomes delightful as now you can smoke the vapors of your favorite substance’s concentrates. In contrast to bongs, dab rigs are often much smaller; there is no need for a larger chamber since only concentrates are used. 

Components of a dab rig

  1. Water pipe

It is the most basic and essential component of a dab rig. Like the functionality of the water chamber in bongs, the water pipe cools down the dab vapor as the smoke flows through it. This filters the dab vapors and smoothens the smoke eliminating the burning sensation.

  1. Nail or banger

A dab rig has a nail or a banger instead of a bowl used in other smoking accessories. This is the part where you keep your concentrates or oils to heat them using a high-temperature torch. The nail or banger gets heated with a torch that converts your concentrates or oil into vapors which are then passed through the water chambers and then inhaled. 

The nail is a long thin piece attached to your rig made from metal or quartz to withstand frequent heating. Whereas, the banger is a small bowl-shaped structure mainly made from Quartz. Both of them have the same functionality, and you can choose either of them as per your preference. 

  1. Torch

Ordinary lighters do not provide a constant flame to vaporize the concentrates. So, you need a butane or propane torch to heat the concentrates or oil properly

  1. Dab tool

When dealing with hot concentrates or oils in the banger, you can not use your fingers to manipulate it, so a dab tool comes in handy. It is a small metal piece you can use to load the substances in the heated banger. The dab tool prevents the concentrates from sticking to your fingers and eliminates the risk of burning your hand from touching the heated banger directly. 

  1. Electric Nail

An electric nail is often not included in any of the dabbing starter kits as it is an extra accessory for convenience. When you use an electric nail it eradicates the need for a torch. You simply have to plug the nail into an electrical socket and the heating pads will raise the temperature to an optimum level. Once the nail is heated, use the dab tool to keep the oil and enjoy the vapors. 

So, if you are overwhelmed by the variety of equipment, purchase a starter kit to get all the essentials in a bundle. 

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