DOXATA on Etsy is a Scammer, Beware

DOXATA on Etsy is a Scammer, Beware

I am going to fully document here how Doxata on Etsy scammed me.
Watch this space for all the details.

Here is the shop: Doxata on Etsy.

On an e-commerce site, a product description reads that the item “works with stereo earphones and headphones” before mentioning all the features of the device for about 20 lines. And then it hides the MOST IMPORTANT feature of the device in a line toward the end.

How is it accurate? And why would you keep it ambiguous by writing “works” and leave to to the reader to ignore the product listing as well as 99% of the product description to understand what “works” means here??

Rohit Raina
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