Discover 5 Ways of Healthy Grilling This Season

Discover 5 Ways of Healthy Grilling This Season

The trend of people adopting healthy foods and cutting off detrimental edibles has gained immense momentum in the recent past. The hike in the number of people suffering from various illnesses, and severe diseases becoming far too familiar, has compelled people to rethink their eating habits. 

Moreover, healthcare workers and media have highlighted the importance of physical activities and healthy eating, and how they bring quality to people’s lives. On the other hand, modern life has become hectic, and people are looking for less time-consuming ways of day-to-day activities. 

Cooking and eating are the necessities, and in today’s era, people find themselves doing both swiftly. Due to the shortage of time, they tend to go for the dishes that do not take a lot of time and consume unhealthy food.

A prevalent misconception is that healthy eating limits the types of dishes one can intake. Nutritionists have a different take on it, and they suggest that moderation is the key to healthy eating. Health experts worldwide recommend a balanced diet approach unless you have an intolerance to a particular food component. 

Grilling is a way of reducing fat from the food items, so it is getting trendy. People think that since grilled food is healthy, they can consume it as much as they can. Furthermore, people generally like the taste of grilled items and thus consume some unhealthy substances through grilled edibles. Contrary to popular ideas, grilling can cause numerous unhealthy chemicals in the food and make it harmful to your health.

The grilling season is again upon us, and there is no reason you devoid yourself of the pleasure of grilled food. Some healthy ways to grill that you can try this year are as follows:


Picking out the unhygienic food will not be of any benefit, and you must see that your food items, be it veggies or meat, are clean. For chicken and beef, experts recommend that you scrape off the fat and use fresh meat; grilling will give it better aroma and taste, but it will also help locate the nutritional components. 

With barbecue items, grilled side dishes are a staple, and if you are picking some vegetables, you need to make sure that they are organic and thoroughly washed. Moreover, you need to ensure that your grill, pans, and other utensils get thoroughly washed as bacteria are gems double up in dirty things when it comes to cleanliness. For healthy eating, you must ensure that your food is free of them.


Who does not like tangy sauces or flavorsome herbs? Grilled food without spices, sauces, and herbs taste bland, and many people prefer some seasoning in their food. It does not mean that you add dressing in large amounts, as an excess of any food component is a hazard to our wellbeing. 

Aside from turning the food unhealthy, soaking the sauce’s food will kill the dish’s taste. Use of mild sauce like basil simmer, unsweetened ketchup, the organic mustard sauce will make your food delicious while keeping the healthy components intact. 

Food experts prefer marinating as marination helps in locking the flavor, and when the food gets on the grill pan, fire kills the harmful agents of the sauces or spices, if there are any.


Fire plays a vital part in grilling, and the wrong way of blazing it will either burn the food or leave it uncooked. Not only undercooked food is unhealthy to consume, overly done edibles cause equal destruction to health. 

When we expose white meat to high heat, open flames build heterocyclic amines, which is unfavorable for health. If you place food in the wrong way and drips oil or fat, the fire produces smoke containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which is another hazard to human health. 

Besides, various dishes require a different heat level, and you must know the correct way of igniting a fire to achieve your desired tenderness and flavor of food. 


A vast majority use charcoal for barbecue and think that it is the safest option. The fact is that use of gas has more health benefits over charcoal. Medical experts suggest less charcoal use because it may expose human beings and food to cancer-causing agents. 

If you do not have gas and coal is the only option, ensure minimal exposure of your food and yourself to the smoke.


You would hardly ever meet someone who denies the offer of grilled burgers, steaks, or sandwiches. These are generally preferred food items, and people like to experiment with these dishes. 

When it comes to grilling, people only consider meat dishes and do not wish to try beyond that. Grilling fruits can be a delicious alternative to baked and overly sweetened desserts, and grilled vegetables with your favorite condiment can be a wholesome yet tasteful dish. 

Wholegrain bread is healthy and grilling; it gives it a smoky and toasted taste. Moreover, instead of baking pizza in the oven, you can try it in grilling and savor it without exposing it to oven rays.  


Someone rightly said that the cooking method could bring a visible change in waistline and an intangible difference in cholesterol, sugar, and blood pressure level. 

Plenty of people are under the wrong impression that grilling food is almost synonymous with healthy food, as making some mistakes can make your grilled food much harmful to consume. 

However, grilling is still better than other cooking methods, wrong placement of grill pans and over and undercooking can adversely affect your health. Health experts recommend gas grilling, but it does not give the smoky flavor, while charcoal grilling can give food a smoky taste, it exposes it to other hazardous elements. 

Ensure to practice correct ways of grilling to enjoy flavor food without worrying about your health.

Rohit Raina
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