A Date With Lady Diana

A Date With Lady Diana

It’s been over a decade since the world lost the sandy haired royal lady to the dust of time. Since time immemorial the commoners have fêted her people’s persona and gloomed in the stories of her inappropriately placed affairs and affections. Most celebrate her image as that of princess. Her proper title, however, was that of a Lady.  Princess of Wales was no ordinary soul.

The most loved lady amongst her contemporaries, Lady Diana was perspicacious to a great extent. Her natural panache can be largely attributed to her composure. Extremely down to earth, Lady Diana had a number of interesting things about her that few had the privilege to unravel. Here are a few insights on the  most modish member of a royal family:

  •  Stark comparisons have been drawn comparing the mysterious demise of Lady Diana with the death of Marilyn Monroe. That was the reason why Elton John’s tribute to Diana is an adaptation of the famous melody ‘Candle in the Wind”.
  •  Lady Diana did not belong to a royal family. She was rather a baby of an aristocratic blood. Her father was a direct progeny of the famous King Charles II, which made the lady a direct descendant of the King too.
  •  She was a protective soul since childhood. In school Diana was awarded and appreciated for taking good care of a guinea pig. Her keen interest in taking care of a guinea pig seems peculiar.
  •  Diana had a brazen and profound interest in pop music. Similarly her passion for keeping abreast with fashion flew in the face of her royal image.
  •  The first British citizen to wed a royal heir, Diana had an elder sister named Sarah who had dated Prince Charles once before Diana got hitched with him.

Unfortunately, there have been more discussions revolving her death rather than the life she lived. She lived to the fullest, starting her career at the tender age of 19. She did what she was the best at. As a babysitter at 19 years of age she was playing a protector.

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