Cynical About Valentine’s? Take a Chance

Cynical About Valentine’s? Take a Chance

February is round the corner, the winter winds are turning warmer and who can deny the utterly helpless feeling of being in love. And while there’s a cynic in each one of us, there also dwells a closet romantic. One that wants to have it, but is largely convinced that it won’t happen. And while I believe love is largely a consequence of destiny, living out a lovely day isn’t. So ditch all that ‘oh yeah, nothing changes’ attitude and do stuff that’s a change from the usual. And hey, the Big Day of Romance isn’t your wedding day. So lighten up and go a little crazy.

1. Go Out With People You’ve Never Considered Your ‘Type’

He’s waaaay too young, she’s waaaay too much of a party girl, he’s just so nerdy, she’s just so not your type. But wait, maybe, just maybe…this could prove to be fun. After all, you’ve gone out with people you thought you had a lot in common with. And the fact that you’re cynical means that didn’t go too well, right? So chuckle, give cliches a ditch and go out with someone who seems all wrong. Best case scenario, you guys ditch each other mid-way, you return solo and proceed to get drunk while telling your bestie how disastrous the date was. Or else, you still get drunk and have a lot more stories to tell each other on a date that could be most memorable. Haven’t you heard of ‘So wrong yet so right’?

2. Do Things You’ve Always Considered ‘Uncool’.

Try writing a poem. Send flowers to someone. No matter how un-cool you think it is, take a chance and try it. Like ditching your safe black shirt and wearing a purple one instead, sporting those ‘crazy disastrous heels’ instead of your trusted flats, painting your nails a colour you think is ‘too slutty’ or shaking your booty to ‘Saree ke Fall Sa’ at a not-so-cool-anymore Bollywood club. Fact is, there are no rules about what makes for a memorable Valentine’s. Fact also is, its easier to get past the stereotype in your life, if you get past it in your head.

3. Behave Out Of Character

By this I don’t mean you should disrespect ladies, get drunk and become a general nuisance on the dance floor. But if you’re one of those who never returns calls, do it. If you’re always late for every date, be on time this once. And if you’re one of those studs who’s commitment phobic, try committing to a dinner date this once. Behave out of character and try to be a better person is what I’m getting at. It’s always good to change for the better. Even your Mom will approve.

4. Let Romance In

Not lust, not wisecracks, not one-night stands and definitely not cynicism. Just pure, unadulterated romance. That art of finding and making everything more mysterious and exciting, That art of removing yourself from the mundane and finding the special quality in every moment. That art of finding the beauty even in a overcrowded bus. That’s romance. And dedicating one day in all of your over-saturated, over-chaotic, over-regular days to just being a little more flighty, a little more chivalrous, a little more risque and a little more indulgent. Try it, it could just be the stress buster you were looking for.

5. Open Up. Say What You Always Wanted To

Being guarded is good. Being cautious is clever. But anything overdone is definitely not going to take you anywhere. So on Valentine’s this year, quit being a fence sitter, quit playing safe, quit fearing what the other person will think of you…and just say what you’ve always wanted to. From the heart. Be honest and believe me, being honest is sometime the most romantic thing that can ever happen to you. So this year, pay an ode to honesty and say it rather than burying it.

Okay then! I’m sure there are a lot more things you can think of to spice up this Valentine’s day and bring about a note of novelty to it. The point is you don’t need roses or songs, serenades or dinner, love notes or forwards, to make this day count. All you need is a bit of courage, a bit of dare devilry and a bit of being a good sport. Go on, live the day.

Authored by Savita Nair

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  1. Ryan

    Enlightening – to put it mildly.

    1. Leonard

      I second the “fairy tales” idea! Also: music/dance; beach; alhbapet/numbers. And maybe some equipment-based ones, like “using a rice/egg mold”, or using a cutter for something other than its intended shape? (eg a heart shape can make a mouse face, ladybug or strawberry)

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