7 Cute Kids earrings That Won’t Fall Out in 2022

7 Cute Kids earrings That Won’t Fall Out in 2022

When you’re buying jewelry for your kids, it is an amazing experience. Buying little pieces of jewelry is in itself very exciting and adorable, especially when it is for your own little ones. While we can understand your excitement and joy, it is also crucial that you take care of the safety of your child. So, investing in earrings that won’t fall out will help you save yourself from losses and avoid any choking hazard that may follow. 

So, to help you, we have created a list of the 7 cute kids earrings that won’t fall out:  

Sparkling Studs With Screw Back Closure 

When you are buying jewelry pieces for your kids for a longer run, investing in gold is a good idea. Even better if you go for diamonds. It will not only satisfy your need of gifting something precious to your kids but will also help them shine and sparkle wherever they go. 

Sparkling studs with a screw back closure is a great option. They can be made in gold and you can choose between diamonds and stones. The color can also be selected, if you don’t want the designs to be plain. These earrings stay put and won’t fall out. 

Pearl Earrings 

Pearls are an evergreen thing! Not only are they classy and timeless but they also suit babies and kids. While kids usually wear colorful clothes, the white in the pearls helps balance everything out. So, your kids’ outfits don’t look too gaudy or tacky. 

You can get pearl earrings in gold and silver too, as per it suits you. The closure can be screw back or a locked one so that they don’t fall out. 

Colorful Zirconia Studs

Available in a wide variety of colors, these studs give a classic and pure look to the little one’s face. Wearing it as a rose gold pair, multicolor choice, or a matt color, all add up to the cuteness of your toddler. Composed of 316-stainless steel, precisely surgical-grade one, you can pick a size from the 3-8mm range. These earrings come with ball-style backings instead of those screws, so they don’t fall or loosen out easily. 

Geometric Patterns

When it’s about kids, shapes and patterns matter. So, it is a good idea to go for designs that reflect or show geometric patterns. It will make your kids’ overall look very interesting. 

You can choose triangles, rectangles, squares, or other interesting designs and get them studded with colored stones or precious gems. It is a great way to make jewelry kid-specific and keep it interesting. Such earrings are usually available in studs so they won’t fall out easily.  

Titanium Earrings

Titanium earrings literally have a huge demand for toddlers, especially when they are in cute little heart shapes. Other shapes are dots, triangles, and diamonds, in different sizes. These are some of the most skin-friendly kids jewelry available and you can choose as per how stylish, and comfortable they are! Bet, trying one won’t leave you in regret!

Minimalist Bar Studs.

When adults can be trendy, why not kids? These tiny bars are everybody’s favorite, and versatile. They’ll give an elegant and lively look to your kid’s cute face while being super affordable. These bars are made up of 14-karat gold while being in white or yellow gold materials. Are you up for this?

Earrings with colorful opal accents!

Kids love colors, and so it suits them too! Do you wish to buy something like this? Get these badass, and gorgeous earrings which are made with black surgical steel. These are perfect colorful starter earrings with faux optical centers for any kid. They are quite lightweight, rash-proof and stylish, a pair which you yourself would wish to buy!

So, how was your experience buying a cute starter earring for your infant?

Christie Lewis
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