Best and Most Cruel Jokes on Sajid Khan’s Humshakals

Best and Most Cruel Jokes on Sajid Khan’s Humshakals

hushakals - saif alikhan, ram singh, riteish deshmukh review


  1. Atul Khatri @one_by_two

    IRAQ govt. decides to beam #Humshakals on giant screens across the country so that the ISIS flee in disgust..


    2. Saira. @LoKarloRT

    Different types of disasters:

    1. Drought.

    2. Earthquake.

    3. Floods.

    4. Terrorist attacks.

    5. Humshakals.

  2.  @LoKarloRT

“You are what you eat.” Therefore the makers of Humshakals are “Brain”.


Van Diablo @VanDiablo

Sajid Khan movieception: Hey Babyy, you’ve to be a Himmatwala to watch Humshakals because it won’t be a Housefull and Darna Zaroori Hai.


Apoooorv @Upooorv

Modi Government announced Rs 2 Lakhs relief fund for every viewer of Humshakals- Sources.


Milan Mishra™ ‏@MilanMishra2 

Guy sitting next to me is calling PVR cinema for HUMSHAKALS booking. I am calling cops because it is my responsibility to Stop Suicide.


The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge

Balotelli is more likely to get a kick rather than a kiss from the English Queen Also she might sentence him to watch Humshakals


Salil Shirodkar ‏@Soul_Kadhi  5m

Virat Kohli just deleted Tamannah’s cell number after watching #Humshakals


Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt


‘Humshakals’ should come with a statutory warning “Sajid Khan movies are injurious to your brain”.


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