Creating an Outdoor Reading Nook

Creating an Outdoor Reading Nook

If you and your family love to read, you should consider creating a dedicated space outdoors to enjoy your favorite indoor activity. 


There are so many benefits of being outdoors. It reduces stress levels, gives you vitamin D and helps keep you active. Reading outdoors is great for kids because it stimulates their imagination and brings out their curiosity.

Reading books about nature and art are a natural fit, but storybooks in which the characters are outside are just as beneficial. You can look for items from the book or talk about what they would have different than the character. A child who doesn’t love to read indoors may find being outdoors makes it fun. 


Creating the nook can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. It can be a quiet space with a chair tucked under a tree or a bright, colorful spot filled with cushions and surrounded by curtains. All you need for a reading nook is a comfortable place to sit and enough light to read. The Charming Bench Company has many options for outdoor seating, and lighting outside really is not an issue.

Just be careful not to spend too much time squinting in full sunlight. After these basics are in place, you can add the finishing touches. A small table would be a welcome addition. You can also bring in plants and flowers that complement your existing landscaping.   


Finally, you need books. Let your kids choose what books they want to bring outside with them. Teach them to bring the books inside when they are finished reading. A book ruined by rain or other elements is the one disadvantage of reading outdoors.

As for yourself, sit down with an old favorite or one from your unread stack, but consider something outside your normal genre. You’ve moved outdoors, the whole horizon is in front of you.

Christie Lewis
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