Cool Ways for Men to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Cool Ways for Men to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Now that Valentine’s day is nearing, you are getting tips from all corners on how to spend your Valentine’s day in the most romantic manner. We though, let’s us join the bandwagon and and give some tips that will really work:





Candlelight Dinner: Does that ever fail? No matter how clichéd this idea goes, it will always make her sweep her off her feet.

  •  A Romantic Movie after Dinner: That’s the best way to end the night. Buy a DVD of the most romantic film you can think of, and watch with her lying in your arms, on the couch.
  • Prepare Breakfast for Her: Let’s comes back to the early hours. Show up with breakfast on her bed and watch that pleasantly surprised look on her face.
  • Decorating Your House: Women love surprises and this one is as good as they come. Girls dote for you to mean it when you say, ‘I care’, nothing proves it more.
  • Make a Collage: Nostalgia works like nothing else does. You must be having a collection of some cherished pictures. Just decorate them in a collage and see her dazzling with the most beautiful smile.
  • Gift: A talks on Valentine’s day have to begin and end with gifts.
  • Scrapbook: Bring back the school days. Scrap books are amour-rich, I tell you that much. It gives you a chance of penning down all the feelings you have always wanted to express.
  • Musical or Recordable Greeting cards: Whilst musical cards have been there for the longest time, recordable cards aren’t much popular. This is what gives them an edge. Record your favourite song for your love and see her swooning over it.
  • Chocolate: ‘Finally’, did you say? Well, you always have to wait for things as flavorful, sinful and delectably as bonbons.
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