Considerations of the Modern Times: Does Vaping Have a Negative Effect on Fertility?

Considerations of the Modern Times: Does Vaping Have a Negative Effect on Fertility?

There’s quite a bit of documentation regarding how cigarettes harm a person’s body, including the reproductive system.

When nicotine, of any type, is used, semen and sperm quality falls, issues with the fallopian tubes may occur, and egg cells are damaged. The use and dependence on nicotine isn’t good for a person’s health, at all.

A question that has come up recently is, what about vaping? Is it safe to vape while pregnant? Can vaping have a negative effect on a woman’s fertility?

Vaping Explained

The popularity of vaping in the U.S. has grown significantly in recent years. Now, more than 10.8 million adults participate in this activity on a daily basis.

Many vape because they believe it is safer than smoking cigarettes; however, this isn’t necessarily the truth. While the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine has looked into the effect of vaping on fertility, there is information here about this, too.

The General Safety of Vaping

To put it simply, vaping is safe, for anyone. While e-cigarettes may not have many of the substances that are found in traditional tobacco, they aren’t a safer option.

According to a study from Environmental Science & Technology there are harmful emissions in the vapor produced by a vaping device, including irritants and carcinogens. While the irritants found were at lower levels than what’s in traditional cigarettes, they still aren’t safe.

Even the American Heart Association has made it clear that vaping isn’t a safe option. It may not be a way to reduce actual cigarette smoking, either.

The Effect of Vaping on Fertility

The fact of the matter is, there still isn’t much research related to the effects of vaping on fertility. However, what has been discovered is that there’s no good case that proves vaping isn’t harmful when trying to conceive.

Vaping can impact a man’s sperm, and not in a positive manner. Also, along with the fertility-related issues related to additives and nicotine, the flavoring used in vape juice, can affect sperm.

A flavor that was found to significantly impact a person’s fertility was bubblegum. This flavor particularly killed the cells in the man’s testicles. Another flavor that had a negative impact on fertility was cinnamon, as it impacted the mobility of sperm.  

If a person has plans to have children in the future, then they should try to avoid using nicotine at all. However, while that is true, if the person currently smokes cigarettes, making a switch to vaping may be less harmful to their fertility because they won’t be using as much nicotine.

Vaping and Pregnancy

If a woman is currently pregnant, then vaping is not considered less harmful than cigarettes. The fact is, the nicotine can impact fertility for both men and women, and the toxins present in the chemical makeup of the e-juice can cause damage to the ovarian follicles.

The nicotine may also cause serious damage to the eggs as they are developing. As a result, this is an activity that should be avoided.

Vaping and Fertility: Make Smart Choices

When a person vapes, it can significantly impact their ability to have a child in the future. As a result, if this is in the plans, it’s best simply to avoid vaping at all.


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