Colin Farrell -Impressive, Invincible, IRISH!

Colin Farrell -Impressive, Invincible, IRISH!

He’s a F**king heart-throb. Let me put that straight; if it wasn’t for Farell I wouldn’t have had any Hollywood darling.It would seem like a strange statement from a female who gorges 24*7 on Hollywood movies.But if there would be a way of proving my word true – even if it meant slitting my throat or walking on coal, I’d have done that.

I tell you, it’s Colin Farell that I fell for. However, it was not until I watched In Bruges.

Even while watch it – I wasn’t mesmerized, until the semi-hilarious, semi-sweet scene where a culpable Ray sheds a single tear on his pillow – The curtain opens on the next scene – but I am paused there – I guess for a life time 🙂

The next treat for me came with Seven Psychopaths. While the flick was a complete entertainer, I was engulfed in Farell’s presence. For the sake of the Psychopaths, I watched the flick again – the first time, I just did it for Farrell. No wonder Al Pacino addressed him as one of the best in the industry today.

He has it in him what it takes to turn heads – a magician’s trick that swooned everyone with in early 2000s.

As an Irish native, Farrell definitely has the killer looks, and the killer accent. But that’s just a myopic view of his abundance.

The actor with a net worth of $30 million has a $100 million smile, a weapon that has sent billions like me a bit off-balance! The good part – no one is complaining!

While he has been casted in drama innumerable times, its black comedy that suits him the most.And I am not pointing out what he should do more, or do less of – just that as a fan, I can talk about my personal preferences.

What I mean to say is that those ‘f’ words from Farrell’s mouth leave a silly smile on your face. Once again, think In Bruges!

Like every super-star, Farrell was once famous, rather infamous, for his wild-wild way of living. He’s giving up on his addictions. And he ain’t complaining. He just got bored with the ol’ young way. He’s in love with a new one. Fair play, Farrell! He says his sons showed him the right way…We think it’s just fatherhood.

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