Choosing the Best Mulch for your Trees

Choosing the Best Mulch for your Trees

Mulch is a thick, dark-colored substance you see around shrubs and trees in a garden. Not every gardener uses mulch, but some homeowners prefer using it to reap its benefits. Mulches are available in a wide range and are usually available in stores that sell gardening materials and landscaping supplies. In the rural areas, mulches are available in abundance, and some communities also offer them for free. 

Tree mulch is a byproduct of parts of trees like bark, twigs, dry leaves, and wood chips. However, there is a wide variety of mulch available, and it is difficult to choose the right mulch for shrubs and trees. Let us explore some tips to choose the best mulch for your trees. 

Organic or Inorganic

Both the organic and inorganic mulches have their own benefits. However, there are some disadvantages of inorganic mulch, like it may throw off the pH of your soil.

Moreover, it can raise the temperature of the soil in the summer months. Inorganic mulch is only beneficial in landscapes where the aim of owners is to improve the aesthetics.

Unlike the organic type, it does not add nutrients to the soil. Therefore, it is always better to use organic mulch for trees and shrubs in your garden. 

Which color should you choose?

Don’t risk taking the beauty out of your home’s design and landscape by using mulch tinted red, blue or black. This type of mulch has hardwood chips with strong colors. You will find this type of mulch in the parking lot because it covers dense soil that avoids weeds but does not provide nutrients for the trees. 

In fact, the blanket can be so dense that water cannot reach the ground. Also, these mulches may contain harmful chemicals that can also harm trees and organisms that live in the soil. Usually, people get red, black, or brown mulch. Mainly for the quality of its landscape appearance. Adding a rich color around the garden bed or trees makes the plants stand out.

Get a mulch with a uniform spread.

Distribute mulch well throughout the garden – about 100 mm thick. When reaching your plants or trees, leave a space around the trunk. Do not apply mulch around the trunk, as this can cause the crown to rot. In a few years, you will have to cover the mulch, as it will decompose to nourish the soil.

Wood Chips are a good option.

Wood chips are one of the best mulches for trees, but there are other similar options that appear that are more in keeping with nature.

On the other hand, twigs and small branches have been reported to be much more beneficial than wood chips. They contain more nutrients and do not have the problem of nitrogen deficiency.

Straw and grass clippings

Straw and grass don’t look very good, but they are very good types of wet grass.

They are used in organic gardening, but the main problem for most people is that they are not always easy to find and break down so quickly that they need to be applied several times a year.

You may not want to use straw or ryegrass because it contains toxins and certainly does not spray the grass with pesticides like Roundup, which is common in many countries.

The difference between straw and grass is that the grass has too many seeds and, therefore, usually produces weeds. If you want to choose between straw and grass, you should go with straw as it prevents weeds, but you should always ensure that it is free of pesticides and chemicals. 

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Final Words  

These were some things to consider while choosing a type of mulch for your trees. Always keep your requirements in mind while looking for a mulch. If you choose organic mulch, make sure to replace or top-up at the same time every year to maintain the fertility of the soil. Following these tips can help you to choose the right type of mulch for your trees. 

Christie Lewis
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